Tuesday, September 09, 2014


I am very lucky - since I moved here to Kingston I have met two amazing women.  Last spring we met for lunch one Sunday........... and talked and cried and laughed and talked some more.

That one lunch has evolved into a monthly lunch meetup ........ for the first time in my life I guess - I really understand "we have your back"............ yup I get it cause they do -  have my back and me theirs.

We are all submissives...........one has a part time partner - one has no partner and - well -you know where I am with our relationship.  Sunday's lunch was a mix of silliness - finding a TOP who will come to beat two of our asses (and one day soon - all 3 of our asses) right through serious thoughtful advice ..... tears and laughter and talking.

I don't know where I was going with this - except to say I am a lucky subbie to have 2 such good friends...... that have my back............ 


  1. That is great! Everyone needs a friend or more to have their back, to share things with and to have a good laugh.

  2. What you have is a rare and wonderful thing...treasure them.
    BTW; I miss your photo posts

  3. you ARE very lucky that you have found two friends that you have and are lucky to meet and talk about things with them constantly.

    Just one more thing that Kingston is fulling your dreams/wishes/hopes of coming true..

    Thank you to your two friends for being there for you now and forever..



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