Thursday, September 11, 2014


or - How I made my photography teacher speechless.............

I know a few of you have asked me to post some of my pictures again... BUT this summer, any pictures I took just lacked "passion" - I lacked passion when taking pictures.......... 

For my class on Tuesday night I had to bring 3 of my favourite pictures.

I went back in my files and found the clown face pic... the red door through the gate pic and a picture of my lilies from this summer.  I took loads of flower pics this summer but they were ho hum pictures - just flowers - nothing spectacular....... 

But there was this one picture of the lilies... I had popped my macro lens on and took the lily from the side........ the stamen was amazing!!  So I popped that picture onto the memory stick and took them to class.

The first picture was the red door and the teacher was quite chatty about the colours - the angle - the all over composition and lighting.  Next was the clown picture and  everyone was wowed (well it is quite dramatic)..........

And then up came my lily picture.  You could have heard a pin drop in the class.  The teacher fidgeted, crossed his legs and uncrossed them.... cleared his throat a couple of times...finally he muttered "not many people take pictures of flowers from the side....... it ..ahhhh.... ummmm.. certainly accentuates the ahhh... ummmm" and someone in the class filled in the missing word "STAMEN"

Here's the picture that left my teacher speechless..............



  1. gorgeous picture! I have actually never seen a picture of a flower taken in this way either. You got vision girl!
    Who knew stamen's could be so beautiful ;)

  2. Loved the picture, like others I have never seen the flower from the side. Very creative. Your teacher is funny. Hope you continue to enjoy the class.

    Hug, Sharon

  3. I actually have students dissect these types of lilies, precisely because the flower parts are so dramatic. I love this picture!

  4. Anonymous9:50 pm

    i just love your photographs!!! Have you considered taking some artsy fartsy pictures with a BDSM theme?



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