Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Closing a Chapter

I don't remember how much I talked about W's sister and their story on here....but on Dec 6th she died....which started a very long chapter in our lives.  W had to sort out all the legalities (and some he won't ever be able to sort out) have her body cremated and shipped down to us so he could give her a proper burial.  

It really was a long road to get us to yesterday,  W was finally able to  bury his sister yesterday in a cemetery very close to us where my family is buried.  

It was a very small funeral - just us and some of her friends from Toronto.   W had been very determined, that despite everything, she would NOT be buried in a "pauper's grave" with no marker.  She was family..... and family deserves to be honoured.

Day 6 of 365



Sharon S said...

Morningstar, I am so sorry for your loss, also please extend my sympathy to W. It is wonderful to see that despite what life brings family means something.

Sincerely, Sharon

Ordalie said...

I'd like to know if the name between brackets is her maiden name.

morningstar said...

yes Ordalie - it was her maiden name

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