Friday, May 30, 2014

Time Travel - Part 3

On my trusty list of abandoned buildings - I had 3 houses.  I was really looking forward to the houses.  There is something about old / abandoned houses that gets my imagination going.

When I got to the first address - nothing - just a hill of weeds.  Obviously it had been demolished.

On to the second address.  Nothing.  And when I say nothing I mean NOTHING!  no empty lot - no pile of ruble - nothing...... Obviously someone must have torn it down and rebuilt.  (I came to that conclusion after going round the block a couple of times thinking I had some how missed it)

By now my hopes of finding an abandoned house were all but gone.  I went on to the 3rd address with little hope of finding anything.  I drove down the street - eyes peeled for a run down house. Nothing.  Again.

I turned around and cruised slowly down the street again.  This time I spotted a gravel driveway (believe me I am using that term VERY loosely) between some very overgrown hedges.  I turned around and went back again - much slower this time.

When I reached the driveway I slowed to a near stop ... do I ?? don't I??? I swung the wheel and edged onto the driveway - which dropped down almost immediately - but opened into a large green space at the bottom of the hill.  

I inched my way down the driveway praying I didn't tear the underneath side of the car off.  When I got to the green space I turned the car around so it was now facing up the driveway (in case I needed a quick get away)

I still hadn't seen any house though.  I did spot a "For Lease" sign so I figured I wasn't exactly trespassing.  But I will admit to worrying a teeny tiny bit that neither my car nor I could be seen from the street.

I got out of the car with camera in hand and walked a few feet further in....... and lo and behold hidden behind some overgrown bushes and trees was this house.......

 day 20 of 365

I started shooting - barely worrying about focus or settings - it was just plain eery.   
I walked around the back of the house to be faced with "forest"  and a pathway that I was pretty sure led to Lake Ontario.  

I headed down the path........... 
now when I say "path" don't picture a nice groomed pathway - nope no way.  It was more a trampled down path with branches at face level.  I worked my way further down the path - hoping to suddenly come upon the Lake.  But this path just seemed to twist and turn.  

AND then I heard some male voices.  Honest to god my heart nearly jumped out of my chest!!  Every single episode of every single police/mystery/scary show flashed through my brain.  I turned around and beat it like a bat out of hell back up to the abandoned house.  

I took a couple more shots then decided not to push my luck.  It was time to get the show on the road and return to civilization again    

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