Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let's Go!!

Yesterday morning W and I had a talk........ He was able to explain to me what had been said at the doctor's after the word "cancer".  I also had a number of people step forward with comments about the good/great post - kaya had probably the best advice - "eat a donut" - so I did..... 

Around mid afternoon I "suggested" to W that perhaps this weekend we could find some toys and make some noise................ I have been holding my breathe for 5 months - since Jan 7th. now it is time to live again - no???

So yesterday I made a list of possible abandoned buildings.  I researched the legalities of traipsing through someone's abandoned building.  I HAVE to make up some business cards listing myself as an amateur photographer - just in case.  

Now I am ready (well I think I am ready) to go urban exploring and photographing.  (maybe ready cause I get HUGE butterflies about breaking the law and trespassing - but if I am gonna shoot the shots I really want to - gotta take a risk or two)

I am hoping to get a start on this project come Monday (if the weather cooperates) while W is off in Montreal.  

For today I am gonna drag out the toys and dust them off - and hope we make some noise ..................... 

 Day 16

This tree is in our front yard.  It's branches are absolutely laden with buds.......... I remember last year being stunned by the beauty of the tree in full bloom...... 

 up close and personal with the buds.........

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