Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The times they are a changing.....

i love Christmas.. i really do....... it's just that as the years go by it seems more frantic .. everyone has somewhere else to be... and so all the time i invest in cooking and cleaning and decorating seems to go unnoticed .. or unappreciated.. or unsomething or other.. and it leaves me wondering why i bother?

When the girls were small .. and had no where else to be.. the holidays were spent around the Christmas tree .. eating and playing games and laughing... after the 25th it was very relaxed and laid back.... Now it seems that the girls fly in like whirling dervishes .. turn the house upside down .. and i don't feel like i even get time to sit and visit with them before they are whirling out the door to other functions........ and i am left wondering what hit me!!

Yesterday was my idea of how the season should go........... Sir came out leisurely around mid morning..and then we drove out to the country to our favourite country pub for a leisurely lunch. (Now it would have been much nicer if the pub had actually had some heat on....... and if i hadn't had to eat my lunch bundled up in my coat!!! They claimed the heat was on....... but .. the goose bumps on my arms and the frozen feet were evidence that something was wrong !!) BUT despite the no heat .. it was just what my heart relax and enjoy a meal without a whole lot of noise and whirling dervishes

Today - the 31st - is the traditional day for making a list of New Year's resolutions........ and by the 2nd - breaking them. i don't usually DO resolutions.. but i am doing a list this year...and they aren't likely to be broken within the first few days of the New Year.

1) No staff for dinner over the holidays.
2) Virtually NO Christmas baking - as it is all sitting in my cupboards and fridge and i KNOW it is gonna get thrown out
3) find a way - somehow - to feel less like i am being squeezed in between all the "important" people - even if it means NO Christmas Eve dinner at mom's.

Oh yeah......... and one more..........

4) next year No Holidailies... quite truthfully i have felt a little exposed being involved this year........ There were only 3 other ADULT ONLY blogs.. and i have noticed that every day my blog is being checked from a link that leaves me feeling scrutinized.... i can't follow the link backwards.. says i am not allowed access to the site.... all very cloak and dagger and i have to admit makes me just a wee bit nervous.......... SO.. from today .. and onwards to the future.. no more Holidailies..

Tonight Sir is coming over.. i am hoping we can order in a load of Chinese food.. curl up in front of the corny television shows shown on New Year's eve......... and quietly see the New Year in ........ without the noise .. without the confusion.. without any whirling dervishes. And maybe.. just maybe.. Sir will find my fairies for me.. and invite them to attend our private celebration of 2009 .......

Holiday traditions - i am thinking - should be reviewed and evaluated .. and revamped to meet the times.......... cause
"the times they are a'changing"


  1. Anonymous10:45 am

    I'm sorry you're feeling wary of Holidailies. I've enjoyed reading your blog every day, and actually hope this is one resolution you might maybe break. I don't know about the weird link you can't follow back, but that may not be "cloak and dagger," it might simply be that someone doesn't have a public site there, or is doing some weird security stuff. Thanks for doing Holidailies this year.

  2. I am simply going to sit here and nod. The celebrations of the season are YOURS, too. It ought to be reasonable for you along with your Sir to shape and design the days and weeks that surround this time in ways that soothe you and feed your spirit. If you are ending the season feeling ragged and exposed, then there really is something wrong -- and you know it is a thing that can be fixed. To celebrate is good. To cause yourself frustration and exhaustion with so little "payback" is not good. I hope you will find something more life-affirming for next year.

    Enjoy your new year celebration, and may 2009 be full of all good things for us all.

    hugs, swan

  3. Ahhh .... I wish nothing but happiness, health, peace and mostly love to you and Sir.
    Enjoy the quiet coming of the New Year and ALL of it's promise!

  4. I would almost commit mayhem for a good Chinese dinner.

  5. Enjoy New years Eve.


  6. as promised, I will remind you about that staff thing, like Swan, next November! And keep our pact to CHANGE.... you're right, this is such a wise blog! Change is not a negative, after all, but can be a positive!

    Hope you enjoy your evening, that your fairies appear and the very best to you and your Sir for the new year!

  7. Being an old stickler for traditions, but I must say I am fet up of trying to make everyone enjoy Christmas so I think major changes for next year are a foot and dam tradition..

  8. Anonymous7:44 pm

    If i had children, i know that i would feel the same way. But i don't, and i tend to be the very 'old' child who comes in as a whirlwind and leaves everyone gasping for air.

    i understand your hesitancy about continuing unappreciated traditions, and i think that your way of ringing in the New Year is perfect.

    May 2009 bring you nothing but joy!
    Sir's pet

  9. Sorry that Holidailies hasn't been a totally terrific experience for you this year. Your contributions, both this year and in the past, are appreciated.

    If you (or anybody) has any suggestions on how Holidailies can best support both adult bloggers as well as people who don't want to read adult content, please let me know.

    If you should change your mind over the next year, hope you might reconsider if and when Holidailies 2009 starts up. Maybe you can rope a friend or two into joining.

    And I don't mean that as a bad BDSM pun. :)


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