Saturday, March 22, 2008


i have every intention of getting back to answering the questions...... to even posting some fun stuff from my weekend....... (like Sir's early morning thrashing to my inner thighs and tits and pussy) ..........

BUT .. i want to share some lyrics with you....... i have been listening to The Celtic Women cd these last few days...... i adore celtic music .......... and there was one song.. Someday....... that touched my heart...... and i had to share...

Someday, when we are wiser
When the world's older
When we have learned
I pray someday we may yet
Live to live and let live

Someday our fight will be won, and
We'll stand in the sun, in
That bright afternoon
'Til then, on days when the sun
Is gone, we'll hang on
If we wish upon the moon

There are some days, dark and bitter
Seems we haven't got a prayer
But a prayer for something better
Is the one thing we all share

Someday, when we are wiser
When the whole world is older
When we have love
And I pray someday we may yet
Live to live and one day, someday
Someday life will be fairer
Need will be rarer
And greed will not pay

It is my Easter wish for one and all........ Someday we will learn to live and let live.........

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  1. Good lyrics. I don't have much hope of ever seeing a "wiser" day though.


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