Monday, March 10, 2008


Amazement doesn't even come close to expressing my feelings over the world around me. Between Thursday last week and Sunday morning we got hit with 65cms of snow (which is over 2 feet)

i hadn't really been out of the house since Monday..... i ran out yesterday and everywhere i looked i saw cars plowed under snow...... snow banks that boggle the mind as to how they got so high.......... On Monday i ran to the local IGA (grocery store)...... yesterday when i ran over....more than half the parking lot has been turned into a snow dump - the city just doesn't have any more room to put it!!!

Last night at 10:30 i received a phone call that all the school boards were shutting down the schools today.......... i couldn't believe it...... the yards hadn't been cleared.. the buses didn't want to venture out............ and that was almost 24 hours after the last storm........

City buses are having trouble getting around today - and - for the most part - they don't take side streets like the school buses....... and 5 city buses had been involved in fender benders by 9:00 am !!!

Honestly i don't remember a winter like it. i am in awe of the brutality that Mother Nature can inflict with something so beautiful as white fluffy snow.

Today ......... on my free day off... i decided to bring some hope of spring to a dear friend. She isn't up to phone calls, or visits. (shame is a terrible thing...... eats one up from the inside out ) The one thing she has always loved was getting one of my "homemade" cards.

The front of the card is origami - individual "petals"... so to speak....glued together to create a flower...

on the inside i placed a picture of the original squares used to make the origami flower.......
Now all i have to do is find a mail box that isn't buried under mountains of snow...........


  1. Were you tired after all of that running? Wouldn't it have been easier to have driven instead of running?

    So sorry about the snow. So glad it was you rather than me.

  2. Anonymous2:57 pm

    the card is beautiful! im sure it will brighten your friends day!

  3. Wow. SOOO much snow! I guess your spring break just got a little longer, huh?

    I loved the card you made; what a sweet friend you are. I'm sure she loved it too....

    And thanks for the emails. They made it all better too!



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