Tuesday, March 04, 2008

World of Hurt

i hurt in places i didn't even know could hurt !! Sir said to pace myself...... i did i did !! fast paced is a pace isn't it???

Sir said He didn't think i could get the living room/porch/and main hallway painted in one week.... (they all sort of run together and if you do the hallway you HAVE to do the living room.... the porch was just something i added to the list of changes needed) Sir said He would come and help - i said no........

First of all i pointed out to Sir that on "Trading Spaces" (a tv show we used to watch - where couples trade homes and do a room in each other's house over a weekend) that if they could completely and totally redecorate (not just paint) a room or two in a weekend - i could do the main level in a week !!!

And no i am not crazy for saying "no"... cause i know how i like to work........ you can't find the kitchen counters right now, and the sink looks like a dumping ground for toxic waste... i work till my stomach grumbles then i grab something convenient out of the fridge and eat it standing up glaring at the paint and brushes and painters tape and all the expanse of walls still not done. There is no way in hell i could work with Sir here helping.. i would be strung up from the ladder upside down i am sure!! (it is bad enough that He had me start painting nude - and took photos of it !!! blackmail i say ..pure blackmail !!)

Anyway this morning i woke up and can't move........ i need traction.... i need a massage.. i need something anything to make the arms move again and the legs flex !!! i am gonna take some time off from painting and run messages ......... pick up some new living curtains.. run to the bank.. run to the grocery store - you know .. the nice easy things that will not involve climbing ladders and swinging a roller dripping paint..........

And for those of you who have heard the tales of my painting ........... i didn't get one drop of paint on my ass.... but i have decided not to give up my day job........ painting is hard work !! i can think of much better ways .... more fun ways .. to hurt this much....... maybe this weekend - after all the painting is done??? If i could i would cross my fingers.........


  1. Anonymous9:39 am

    *giggles, crosses my fingers and toes for you*

    I can relate to the painting thing...I helped my dad paint the interior and exterior of a house in 90 degree weather.

    I loved the painting, hated how sore I was after. *laughs*

  2. Take 3 Aleves, quit bragging, get your skinny butt back to work.

  3. Buffalo - why do i have this enormous urge to say .. "Yes Sir Massa Sir"???

    back to work before You yell at me again

  4. I give a heck of a massage... all you have to do is get here where I can reach you ;-)

    Have fun. Try not to do permanent damage to yourself.

    hugs, swan


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