Friday, March 21, 2008

Old Dinosaur.

i said to Sir this morning in my private journal that sometimes i feel He and i are going the way of the dinosaur....... i look at the young submissives coming up and they are all about what they want........ and what they don't want...... even some "older" BDSM types make fun of the lifestyle Sir and i have......

Buffalo asked me what percentage of my week is spent doing BDSM and what percent is spent being vanilla...... i gave him a long winded round-a-bout explanation that summed up said "i believe Sir and i do "it" 24/7"

Sir does not beat my ass every second of every day..... nor does He fuck me.. or humiliate me.. or any intense BDSM activity every second of every day.... BUT..... i follow His wishes 24/7 ...... everything i do.. from laundry to cleaning to teaching to learning new gadgets is with Him always foremost in my mind. Sure sometimes if you could be a fly on the wall we would look like Ma and Pa Kettle - all settled nicely in front of the television..... or on the computers working side by side... just like any other vanilla couple......... BUT try looking a little bit deeper.. a little closer...

No we don't wear leathers all the time.. Sir does not strut around carrying whips and chains.... i don't grovel at His feet..... i don't slip into leather corsets and thigh high boots and prance around wiggling my naked ass either.... We are not the new S/M (stand and model - as swan's Master so eloquently put it)

i keep saying it over and over and over till i am damn tired of saying it........

i am amazed at the ones who beg us to take them on.. to train them and play with them....... but the bottom line is usually cocks and sexual satisfaction - theirs - not ours.......... always about how they want the scene to unfold - rather than how Sir and i want the scene to unfold. i find i am having to rethink our philosophical belief in D/s and BDSM...... at least in how it relates to others. Because old and new alike tend to look at us like we are dinosaurs.....

Sir and i do not come together on weekends and frantically fill each waking hour with intense extreme BDSM play. Oh it is easy to say I am Dom hear me roar when you meet with a sub for 2 or 3 - even 24 hours - but try and keep that intensity up over 2 or 3 days.. or a week.......and you will discover something quite different!!

i remember - wayyyyyyyyyy back at the beginning of this relationship with Sir.. how i dreamed of having Him live with me 24/7 - of having Him beat me and use me - every day - before work - after work ..... at bedtime.. before my morning coffee.. all the little spare periods of time would be filled with whips and floggers and pain oh my !!!! Reality check in aisle 4 please !!

And so i say to all of you out there who want to read about whips and chains and floggers and all that perverted stuff......... read elsewhere.. this blog is about my life as a 24/7 submissive -

And to all you new subs out there........ remember one thing........ it honestly truly is not all about YOU...... it is about a coming together of Dom and sub.. a melding of dreams and fantasies and wishes...... and yeah it is about orders you may not wish to follow - but you do...... because your Dom orders it.. and no matter how yucky it is.. no matter how humiliating - the end result is one of joy and celebration because you met the challenge head on..... and conquered it......


  1. You sound so frustrated.

  2. Buffalo.....

    no i don't think i am frustrated... disappointed or disillusioned.. i am past being frustrated.....

    some people will always have this imagined - fantasy world of BDSM... nothing i can do about it.. shrug

  3. We call those people, who think they are practicing "S&M" -- "Stand & Model" types. Because they are there for the show of it all, not the journey.



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