Sunday, September 10, 2006


At 10 pm Sir brought out the small clothes pegs... the wee tiny pretty coloured clothes pegs. He started to clamp them on... and it hurt.. not bad hurt .. but it hurt.. i found myself not being able to watch. If i had been putting them on myself.. i would have pulled up the skin between thumb and forefinger and clamped it on carefully.. slowly. Sir did nothing of the sort. He simply clamped the pegs onto the skin.... slowly making a tight neat line down to the nipple. Once He had reached the nipple area He started on the next line of tight neat little clothes pegs and finally a third line. He was counting.. 30 per breast.

There are no words that can describe how the pain blossomed from a slow ache to a full blown burn. BUT that is what happened. i breathed deep long steady breaths... i visualized the pain as a solid thing and visualized climbing to the top of it... i closed my eyes... i held my body still .. so very still...... slow even deep breaths........... the pain was intense... i thought to myself how silly that these 60 pretty lil coloured pegs can be creating such an intense pain........

i glanced at the clock - 40 minutes had passed. The burn had started to spread .. it was no longer just in the area of the pegs, it felt like a carpet of flames spreading across my chest from side to side. The breathing was no longer working, i had moved onto grinding my teeth and watching the clock tick off the minutes. Just before 11:00 Sir asked me how i was doing.. i told Him i wasn't doing very well at all.. by now my entire chest area was on fire......... Sir moved to sit beside me and started to remove the pegs..... At first i just felt such relief .. blessed relief that they were coming off.... And then was like an explosion of burning intense pain as one of the pegs was removed. i shrieked. i cried, i bellowed, i sobbed. The pain would recede for a few more pegs and then with no warning it would erupt again .. that intense explosion of pain, and i would shriek and sob. It took forever to remove the 60 pegs, and when Sir was finished He opened His arms for me to collapse into, and as my breasts touched His chest the pain exploded once more from deep inside. i pushed back away from Sir.... i didn't want anything touching my breasts.. i took deep breaths.. the pain was slowly re-defining the word 'intense' in my mind.

i don't honestly think the above picture does justice to the marks that were left......... but it is better than nothing.........

Sir asked me - "it is good pain - right?" kind of like a code we have......... and i told Him i would let Him know.......... i wasn't sure if it was such a good pain. Finally this afternoon i told Sir that the pain was I N T E N S E.... i am still not sure it was / is good pain..... but i do know one thing............... i want to do it again!!!

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  1. Anonymous9:31 am

    I can relate to almost every single word. :D

    Beautiful pattern.



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