Friday, September 22, 2006


Sir has always warned me about wishes... "be careful what you wish for" is His favourite expression..... i have been hearing it for over 5 years.. ya think i would have learned that lesson by now wouldn't you??!!! But i haven't........... sighhhhh

Last evening Sir announced He had a task for me.. i LOVE tasks so truthfully i was quite excited. He asked me if i had read kaya's blog .. and sent me off immediately to read it and appreciate it... ughhhhhh.. (kaya - next time you decide to be the "Martha Stewart" of BDSM can you just keep it to yourself??!!! huh huh?? please)..

Anyway... kaya is making a tack bra... and if blogger was working properly i could put a link so you could just click and visit.. however blogger is being a pain this morning - i can't even change my font or add pretty colours - so if you wish to see kaya's projects her link is on the right hand side - under BDSM blogs "kaya's blog"...

Back to my task........ i am to make myself a tack bra.. and it is to be finished by next Friday - NEXT FRIDAY!!! no pressure or anything - especially since i have to go and buy 2 bras - padded even and one bigger than the other!! - and i will be expected to wear it on our trip to the Nations Capital for the play party.

Now hang on a minute here... kaya might love tit torture.. and kaya may love ass play.. and kaya may love enemas.. BUT that doesn't mean i love the same things Sir !!! (can everyone hear me whining here??) AND my tits are a hard limit.. geeeeez you'd think after 5 years Sir would have gotten that fact straight!!! and just cause i said i wanted to raise the bar a little bit.. and just cause i have been "wishing" He would lift that bar.. doesn't mean i want it lifted over my tits!!! (i pout sooooo very nicely!!)

But pouting and whining will get me nowhere this time.. wishful thinking and all that.. so i am off to find 2 cheap bras.. they don't sell them at any Dollar store up here in the Great White North kaya - lucky you!! oh yeah and a box of tacks.. Sir did say i could use tacks instead of upholstery nails.. lucky me!!!

i will keep you all informed - whether you care to hear or not - about my progress making this tack bra.......... (shudder)


  1. I often shake my head and say,"Wellll, that isn't for me, but different strokes for different folks. Consensual adults and all."

    In the case of nails I'm not sure that it is a good idea. And it ain't my vanilla self that thinks it.

  2. Anonymous1:13 pm

    (Buffalo..They aren't *nails*. They are essentially bigger tacks to compensate for the padding. But not your thing. Okay.)

    morningstar, you know I owed you one. Or two. Or hey.. make that three!

    1. Toothpicks.
    2. Chopsticks.
    3. Tiny craft type clothespins that pinch like crazy.


    Good luck!


  3. Just to throw in my two cents...different terms for the same thing. (Like soda, pop and coke all meaning a carbonated soft drink) Upholstery nails are called upholstery tacks by some people, decorative nails or tacks or even furniture nails or tacks. Remember the old naugahyde (spelling?) furniture with all the big headed tacks running along the edges? Those kinds of tacks. And pushed through layers of padding or leather, it's only the sharp points that stick out, not the entire length. I am sure that all properly behaved slaves have current tetnus shots right? kaya? morningstar? Tetnus up to date? *uses most intimidating mother look I can dig up* Tacks, nails or anything else....tetnus shot!

    I do have a habit of butting into other people's conversations don't I?

    BTW, both of you, morningstar and kaya are in trouble for the chopsticks! Toothpicks thank goodness hold no interest to Him, but the chopsticks?? He is determined that if 13 is the magic niumber (is that still the magic number or has it changed?) then no less than 13 is acceptable at all! I will remember this! I will suggest something equally as painful to both of you wenches!

  4. i just walked in the door from one helluva week at work.. feeling out of sorts and cranky.. magadala and kaya .. thank you i had such a good laugh when i read your comments!!! completely put a different kind of spin on my mood..

    Buffalo.. thank you for your concern... and trust me when i say.. i may want to raise the bar higher.. but i am not stupid... AND i am making this tack bra... i intend to make sure that each tack is nicely disinfected (for however long it is good for) and only just peaks out a tiny bit through the padding.. until i figure out how bad it really is!
    oh yeah.. and magadala - i believe i have another 3 years or so on my tetanus... i am rather accident prone.. LOL

    hugs to you three for your comments/concerns and just for brightening up my day..

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  5. Those were my concerns, morningstar - especially the adequately disinfected. Obviously you know, and I should have realized you all did, that nails and tacks carry risks that other objects don't.

  6. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Sounds like a very tacky situation glad they do not make those in a jock strap

  7. Anonymous10:29 pm

    ohhhhhhh i'm not sure i could wear it. I would try but not sure i would last long. Kaya you are braver then i am

    Hugs littleone

  8. Tetanus shots need to be renewed more often if you get a lot of injuries from metal objects. I know. Where I used to work injuries from ulility knives and other things were pretty common.

  9. Anonymous5:28 pm

    I felt the need to come back here and refute this statement.

    "kaya may love ass play.. and kaya may love enemas"


    kaya's MASTER may love those things but kaya does NOT.

    That is all. Carry on. :-)



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