Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Best friends

Once upon a time i had this submissive friend (male submissive friend) Oh the hell we could raise when we were together!! pure brats we were !!! Then one day he whispered in my ear that he was a "switch" and he left my side to be a Dom. ugh.. that was a time of constant testing for me.. to remember my place.. and that he was no longer at my side. Show respect.. show respect .. became my mantra. i wondered if he ever knew how difficult it was to not stick my tongue out at him.. or try and egg him on to some totally bratty action. Most of the time i didn't recognise Him.. especially when He would bring His submissive over to visit and play here... Wasn't he supposed to be on his knees ?? oh it was so confusing for my lil subbie brain!!!

Then life happened ... tough scary life.... and he was neither Dom nor sub just a friend.. and Sir and i were at his side.. then it was his turn to be at my side .. holding my hand... and i discovered after all had returned to normal that it didn't really matter if he were sub or slave or Dom.... most importantly he was a FRIEND !!!

time passed and now he has found two wonderful Dommes to serve and he is sub again !!! Oh the fun we have debating issues such as sub or slave... to label or not to label... what trouble can we get each other panties with black hearts is the new trigger for trouble .. (big cheeky grin)

BUT i learned something much more important during this journey with him... sub or slave or switch .. we ARE best friends !!!

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  1. Thank you for counting me in that category of friend and for the understanding that I am not just one person I sometimes have trouble with that. It was always me just different I guess. I thought you new I was a switch before?

    One last question only a bussel of carrots for those panties I think not wait till you see them, maybe a bussel of eggplants!


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