Sunday, June 26, 2005

weekend projects

i am very lucky to have a rather nice lil "play room" downstairs. And off the playroom is another small room that i use for umm let's see now.. storage, the cats apartment, more storage, oh yeah.. and my exercise room.

However, Sir and i have plans for a nice lil party on Canada Day weekend. And bright me got the idea to finally fix up the side room .. in time for the party !! ok ok i never claimed to have the best timing!! So this week in between doing battle with Goliath the boss.. and Goliath the 14 wheeler.. AND Goliath the cold ... i did manage to drag all the storage stuff out of the side room, all the cats' toys and beds, and slap up a couple of coats of white paint on the walls (which had been this charming LIME green colour) Do i hear mumblings out there of "white?? for a dungeon/playroom?" No no no !!! Use your imagination folks... stark white walls with lots and lots of BDSM prints framed and hanging in the room!!! And on the shelving Sir's Betty Page doll... And some more of my oriental charm..

And to hide the exercise part of the room (cause i will be back on track again next week - as long as no more Goliath's come calling) my Chinese privacy screen.

Now .. i am wondering if i have fought this Goliath of a cold enough that maybe.. just maybe Sir will be able to try out the new playroom this afternoon........... maybe a little ride on the "pony"???

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