Monday, June 06, 2005

Living life to the fullest

Sunday looked like it was gonna be a quiet recharge the batteries kind of day........ Sir allowed me to watch a movie on television while i snuggled at His feet... But when it was finished He suggested (??) that a little wax play was in order. Being me.. i said i thought W/we had had a busy enough weekend and that i honestly didn't mind having a quiet afternoon. Sir made it quite clear that what i had understood as " a suggestion" was really an order...i fetched the candle and the plastic protector for the rug......

i wondered aloud if Sir had any idea how difficult it is to watch the drip of candle wax slowly descending towards my nipples???? OR... if He had any idea how hot it was hitting my nipple??!!! Sir had an answer for the complaining subbie.. get the ice!! When will i learn to keep my thoughts to myself??!!! I C E ??? i HATE ice .. god i hate anything cold!!!! Now i could watch the wax fall on my nipple.. and then watch as Sir slowly and methodically ran the ice over my nipple.... then just for the fun of it.. Sir decided to try ice then wax.. then wax and ice.. and on and on it went..... with me alternating between shivering and wimpering .....

Finally i watched as Sir blew the candle out and placed the ice cube in the bowl...... i was ordered to lie still and NOT touch the wax. Sir disappeared only to return with His knife!!!! Now i ask you ... was that necessary??!! i was really quite happy to peel the wax off my body.. He didn't need to bring the knife!!!

After much breath holding....... and much scraping of sharp blades across sensitive body parts i was declared clean!!!!

Remind me never to complain of quiet weekends again....... please!! This living life to the fullest is quite a challenge !!! (cheeky grin)

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  1. Anonymous10:27 pm

    i just want to say that i gasped when i first saw those photos. After the initial shock i just admired their beauty. And then went back to gasping because that knife looks like it's going to slice off your nipple!

    Beautiful work - i'm envious.

    Hugs from anna


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