Thursday, June 30, 2005

games people play

i am sure this isn't going to be any "light bulb" moment for most.... but it was for me... maybe because for the most part i do not play games...

But this morning i was reading a submissive's journal where she talks about online subbies and real life ones too playing games to get her Master's attention.. and how a couple had succeeded... no way am i gonna sit in judgement of her Master or those submissives.... but it did get me thinking... people play games !! all the time !!

i sat and reviewed how much of life is made up of these "games"...

* there is the new submissive playing with his/her Dom/me.... pretending things that he/she doesn't feel to get a reaction out of the Dom/me...
* there are those that play "coy" hoping to get a reaction out of a Dom/me
* there are those who take a dislike to someone for whatever reason (valid or not) and then go out of their way to avoid or disappoint or hurt that person
* there are those that having been hurt play a game of "getting even"
* there are those that play at BDSM .. trying to find a life partner thinking BDSM will be the way
* there are games people play regularily to be noticed.. to be cared for.. to be powerful
* then there are the games people play in response to those who want to be noticed.. to be cared for.. to be powerful

it really is no wonder that i have always felt i didn't know the 'rules' to the game called 'life'. It was simple to me .. live your life with honesty, openness, caring and trust. Say what you mean and mean what you say. But sometimes... just sometimes i do get overwhelmed by the 'games' and get a little lost. Sometimes it would seem i am expected to play these games....... just to survive.

Games people play .. it does boggle my mind sometimes...

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  1. the problem is best stated by Jack from a line i the movies altered a bit" not all can handle the truth". At times we are forced to play the games that are afoot just to feel alive and just to get some attention. Those that do not are lucky in their relations.



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