Thursday, February 18, 2016

On Feeling Invisible

I would think that everyone at some point or another feels invisible

I wouldn't say I feel invisible - but maybe more like I am not a whole person just body parts - not whole.......I'm an ass to whip - or a pussy to fuck - or a brain to create/work ... just bits of a body - not a whole body

And I DO understand during this transition period of my life that may be what I should expect.

But there are days that I say "damn it! I am more than my pieces - I have a heart and a soul and damn it I am worthy of more - I don't want to be a fill in piece - I want to be a whole"

I wonder if some of my decisions have led to this invisible feeling - and yeah I am not blaming anyone else - I know some of my decisions have led to this feeling.

If I look at all my pieces - all my bits - 

*I am a submissive - a woman who wants to please and serve and trust and be respected 

*I have recently discovered I am a "lil girl" - who wants to play and be played with and coddled and  reassured

 * and yes - some times I am a brat - I am devilish and distracting and wicked - but always with the heart of the lil girl - wanting needing direction

*I am a masochist who needs/wants/craves pain 

BUT most of all I am a woman who wants someone who can see all those parts of me and appreciate them all and value them all.


AngelsQuest said...

Oh man. Sometimes you break my heart. And expose my own pieces to me.

morningstar said...

@Angelsquest - the one good thing in my life - really good thing - is you - you see ME - the whole me!! and I like to think I see you too as a whole woman ... together woman we will win!!!

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