Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ahhh Well

I had plans for today - besides my daily trip to the gym that is............ But Mother Nature is a bitch....... and is giving us a final blast of winter.  We have winter storm warnings all over the place today.

They say we will get between 20 and 40 cms of snow - and then freezing rain.  

I'm just a little cranky.  I do NOT do "house bound" well - not when I had plans to pamper myself (after the gym) 

Oh well - I have waited what feels like forever for this week - and one day out of this week may not ruin the plans for the entire week right??  Hopefully???? 

Oh well - nothing I can do about this.......... and even if my plans get shut down till Thursday or Friday - they are still gonna happen .............. eventually.

Can you tell how I am trying to talk myself into a better mood?? LOL 

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