Monday, January 04, 2016

Bringing in the New Year

I was invited to a New Year's Eve play party.  I hummed and hawed about going.  Part of my indecision was the idea of going to a play party alone.  The second reason was I was hosting my annual Open House the next day.  

On Thursday I made up my mind!  It wasn't snowing - I had committed to bringing some snacks - and plainly put - why not??!!!  I put on my brand spanking new leather leggings with a red oriental corset (that I haven't been able to get into in years!!!)  I felt good - confident and just a little bit sexy. (Someone did take a few pics of me - and when I get them I promise to post them - well at least one of them!)

When I first got there I felt a little out of place - awkward.  But soon relaxed and was laughing and chatting.  At one point I went downstairs to watch some of the play that was going on.  The temperature was cool downstairs ......... and it was hard to watch folks playing.  It was exactly one year to the day that W and I went to the same party and played for the last time.  Memories flooded back.  I couldn't sit there - couldn't!!  The memories threatened to overwhelm me.  I mumbled something about being cold and headed up the stairs.  As I got to the landing I heard "morningstar"........ it didn't sink in until I heard it again "morningstar" - someone was calling me.

I went back down the stairs and a Dom/Top asked if I would like to play.  I think I took a big breath - ran all sorts of reasons why I couldn't - and then said "YES"!

Best decision I have made in a long time!!

He and another Domme played with me and later on another Dom came over for a wee bit with his knives (yummy!!)  - I laughed and shouted - and swore like a trucker - and did my subbie dance - and thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!  It was a spectacular way to bring in the New Year - to bring in my new life!!  A couple of folks commented on how good it was to see me back playing...... even more commented on how happy I appeared - how good it was to see me laughing again. 

On the late night drive home - I realized I was back ........... yup I am back!

On New Year's Day I changed my profile on Fetlife - it now says............ 

It has been 5 months on my own - life is good - but missing something.
So I am just gonna put this out there.....

In 2016 I would love to find a play partner - I would be quite content being the "other" no matter what number - 2nd, 3rd, 4th?? It's just time I got back into the game........ New Year's Eve showed me I miss (really miss) playing ............ miss laughing and stamping my foot... miss the sting of the whip - the touch of the cool blade against hot skin - the touch of a hand............

 who knows what wonderful adventures await me in 2016


Downunder Don said...

Yeah...good on you! It is very clear that the past 12 months have not been wasted but has all been part of the growing into the "new" you.
Happy new year and good luck on the partner chase

Blondie said...

I saw that your profile had changed. I am so happy that New Years was a new start. Never knew how much fun playing could be.

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