Monday, January 18, 2016

Toothbrush Weekend

(please note - this may be TOO much information for some - so you may wish to skip this entry)

I was jittery when I packed up the car on Friday evening - was I really doing this????

Being the gentleman he is - he actually was waiting for me when I pulled into the parking lot so he could help carry stuff upstairs.  Once we were safely behind closed/locked doors and the bags were stored away - we were like horny teenagers.... kissing /touching exploring............ I was breathless - wanting/needing very quickly.  (you have to remember it had been at least 10 years since I had been fucked by a cock - by a man who wanted this as much as I did)

We did manage to squeeze in dinner between bouts of kissing and touching and my moaning............. 

Then............. well let's just say - quite truthfully the rest of Friday/Saturday was a total blur of sex - fucking - and my playfully telling him he had broken it.  

I think we both slept a total of 2 hours on Friday night........ 

Saturday morning I begged for a rest - so we had a bath together (and still he played and touched and stroked and drove me crazy).  During the bath I turned the conversation to BDSM - he was interested.  BUT despite my feelings - and other's feelings - he knew virtually nothing about it.  He asked lots of questions about play parties - but no matter how hard I tried to explain the rules and workings of play parties - he couldn't get his head around the fact it wasn't a swingers club.  (I am editing out a lot of conversation for brevity here - but I definitely got the impression he doesn't have much desire to spank me - but wouldn't mind watching someone else do it to me )

He couldn't keep his hands off of me............. and it was wonderful!!!  I have never felt so used / abused /stretched (god he's big!!)  in my life.

BUT sometime after lunch things slowed down - drastically.  We tried to have a nap - but we were both aroused and after an hour we were both fucking once more.............. that last fuck seemed to shut him down........ and I have no idea why.  

We ran out to pick up a few things for dinner - and he had suggested I might want to stay home - but I wanted fresh air  -- and just get out for a few minutes.  I am now thinking he might have wanted some space........ trust me there hadn't been a whole lot of space over the 12+ hours.

When we got home he insisted I curl up on the sofa and he went and got a blanket and tucked me in - put a movie on and went to organise the groceries and dinner.

He sat in the lazy boy and watched the movie.  When I grinned at him - he was surprised I wasn't asleep.  He told me we needed to slow down - that he was fucked out.  I got that - cause damn I could hardly walk.

We had a great dinner and sat side by side on the sofa watching another movie after dinner.  

Conversation was almost non existent.  And when it did happen - I just felt - I don't know - as though we weren't on the same page.... nothing in common.  Sadly.

At 8:30ish I decided it would be best if I came home instead of staying through till Sunday morning.  At first he seemed surprised - but he quickly got over his surprise and helped me pack with virtually no trying to dissuade me.  

So I was home by 9:30.  On the drive home I thought "Well I never understood 'fuck buddies' never thought I would have one - but maybe that's all he's meant to be - a fuck buddy"

Definitely NOT a frog - but also definitely NOT a forever and ever guy either.


  1. He may not be forever but he certainly sounds like fun. And isn't that what it is all about...having fun

  2. So surprising about him being unknowledgeable about BDSM when he's got eyehooks in his bedroom. Strange!

    I'm glad you had fun though. Maybe it's just a case of too much time together in a short span this early on.


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