Monday, August 24, 2015

Come Visit

Slowly - very slowly - things are starting to come together.  Yesterday some good friends - who are moving in 2 months came and collected ALL the boxes and ALL the packing paper and gave me back my home!!  YAY!!  (I do hate clutter!)

At the very beginning of this new adventure - I came to the apartment - when it was clean and spotless and empty and took pictures..... I finally remembered to take before shots - so that I can have "after" shots :)

Today I thought I would take you all on a little tour round my lil home.... empty.  Then when I finally get everything into place - exactly where I want it - finally get ALL the pictures up ....... I will take "after" shots and you can see the difference


for today - it's the BEFORE shots......

 This shot is looking at the entry way 

This is the world's smallest kitchen 

 The apartment management team left me a gift basket 

This is the living room (a bit dark I know and I apologize)
with the patio doors to my balcony

 turn right around and you are looking at the dining room

from the living room you look straight down the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom

First bedroom on your right is the spare/guest room

This is the master bedroom

one angle in the bathroom

the opposite angle showing the sink 

and last but not least - an insuite storage cupboard for all those Christmas decorations!!!

And that dear friends is my new home ........... I promise soon - sooner - soonest to be able to share with you all the finished product!!!



an English Rose said...

Oh a lovely new start. I hope you will be very happy there, lots of adventures to come
love Jan,xx

Baby Girl said...

Congratulations on the fresh start and the lovely new digs!!! :-)

All my best,
Baby Girl

Ordalie said...

It must have been hard to find such a nice flat!

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