Monday, August 03, 2015

Another Hard Limit Bites The Dust

On the weekend I was invited to a house party - a pool / potluck barbeque party.

Now I had been warned that this pool party was a "swim suit optional" party.  UGH!  I have never EVER gone skinny dipping ... in public.. in front of anyone!  (Once a long long time ago - when my ex and I had a pool in the backyard - and it was a hot steamy night - I did disrobe and plunge in the pool to cool off at 3:00 am - but I don't count that)

I was reassured that some folks would be in suits - that I did not HAVE to disrobe - but I still had butterflies.  Would I feel the odd man out trotting around in a suit?? Would I feel worse trotting around naked?? ahhhh the dilemmas we subs go through when we don't have someone to "order" it - and take the responsibility off our shoulders - so we can trot around naked - and be able to say "not my choice I was ORDERED to" and have a clear conscience!

I had (and wore) a very cute black and white striped strapless sun dress...... a kinda cover up.  I was wearing that (sans swim suit) at the pool when folks starting arriving - starting stripping down and diving in.  I curled up and tried to disappear into the chair.  

Then I heard this voice from the pool - "S - it's time to come in the pool.  NOW."  I - with great trepidation - stripped off my sundress and walked to the ladder and climbed in.  Not a word was spoken - everyone continued splashing and laughing and ignoring me.. I felt pretty damn good.......... no one had noticed !!

Eventually I wanted a drink and some sun - I approached the ladder nonchalantly.   As I started to climb the ladder - one of the Doms (good naturedly and teasingly ) started chanting "I see S's bare bum - I see S's bare bum" and everyone laughed - including me.  The worst was over.  

And it didn't turn into some great orgy of naked bodies engaging in all sorts of sexual activities.  It was just like a 'normal' pool party - lots of splashing and teasing and good natured fun............. 

After a marvelous barbeque feast - some of us started a game of "Cards against Humanity" a game I have heard a lot about - but never played.  I was so excited - like a kid at a party.  The cards were raunchy and there was lots of giggling and laughter as our cards were read out - we were all relaxed and getting into the spirit of the game. (of course the pre-dinner "purple" drinks went a long way to help .......... 

I couldn't believe how fast the time went - soon the lights were put on around the pool ... the last of the swimmers climbed out and dried off........ and everyone started to slowly leave.

I had a warm glow - these people - these friends - were amazing.  I felt accepted and maybe more than that I did truly feel loved!  

When I was tucked into bed - a kiss on my forehead - the blankets pulled tight around me and the soft words spoken "sweet dreams" I smiled - how could I NOT have sweet dreams ?!


Baby Girl said...

Congratulations on working through your limits! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I broke the ice for you and you saw that there was nothing to be worried about.

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