Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring has sprung

I don't much care what the calendar says about spring's arrival........ I don't much care what anyone says about spring's arrival. The official start of spring happens in my senses............ the musky smell of warm wet earth......... the buds popping.... the faint stirrings of some deep instinct in my belly that tells me it is time for rebirth.

All that happened this week - Monday to be exact.  My body was tingling - itching - ready to get out into the mud - ready to squish mud between my toes - ready, as well, for the act of "procreation" (even though I am way past procreation age) to begin.

The gardening can start - albeit slowly - still no digging allowed - but I have deemed myself strong enough - ready enough - to pull some weeds and do some fertilizing.  The procreation bit (or in plainer language - the fucking) will have to wait till I see the surgeon next week.... get the pathology results - get the ok (or not ok) to increase my activity level.

But for this week I have brought a touch of spring / colour to the front deck -

day 8

a touch of colour by the front door

a new sitting area on the front deck - red umbrella not up yet

 this is where Miss Ashes and I come in the very early morning (6 am early) to sit and soak in the warm breezes and the bright sunshine...........

The sharing of the back gardens/deck will wait till tomorrow - or another day in the future...............


Sharon S said...

Morningstar, It looks so lovely on your front porch and back deck. What is the little statue by the front door? Regardless of what it is I like it, it is the perfect touch of whimsy. Unfortunately, where I live we are having awful weather. Fortunately, nothing last forever and we will soon have summer. Love the photos.

Have a cup of coffee and relax, hugs Sharon

Ava Grace said...

how lovely!! ava x

morningstar said...

@Sharon - the lil statue is a fairy stroking a bunny. When I was in Montreal - I had a number of fairies in my 'secret' garden. W bought that one and had it waiting for me by the front door when I moved here last year :) :)

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