Monday, May 26, 2014

Play Time

And it was really like a play time......... the paddles came out - the whips came out - the canes came out.. I held my breathe - it had been 5 months since we played with any real 'feeling' 

I am always amazed (maybe a little amused too) at how something like a whip can be used so sensuously and then in a blink of an eye - a twist of the wrist it can cut into me - leaving me feeling as through the skin has been sliced from my body.

There is the rabbit fur glove - it looks so sensuous - so soft - so gentle.  I feel it brushing against the hot cane welts and I melt - absolutely melt.  Then - just when I am completely pulled into the softness - W uncurls his fingers and the sharp pointed metal claws bite into the welts, into the skin and my mind whirls and twists and I can hear myself moaning.  It hurts.  BIG TIME hurt............ and I love it.

The marks are temporary much to W's chagrin.  He works so hard to create them and in no time at all they fade............... 


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