Friday, May 16, 2014

Guilty or not??

Last evening W and I were having a discussion about my lack of walking over the last two days.  My argument was that on Wednesday we went shopping at a number of malls and that involved walking and that yesterday I had worked in the garden pulling weeds and fertilizing which involved walking back and forth in the garden - AND physical activity of pulling weeds and hefting a heavy 12 liter watering can around the yard.

W said 'didn't count' and that I had "promised" to walk ... I challenged 'this promise'.. W said I put it in a blog.............. I didn't believe him.  (dumb me)  I checked this morning and lo and behold on Friday May 9th I said "keeping up with my promise to myself to get out and walk every day"  NOW as this promise was to myself and no one else - and as I did walk through malls on Wednesday and gardens on Thursday - I say I DID indeed walk both days

What say you -  a jury of my peers?? (cheeky grin)
(mind you if handcuffs and cages are involved if found guilty - I might just want to be found guilty - cheekier grin)

Anyway - as promised yesterday here are some pics of the back deck with it's new furniture AND my long lusted after water feature..........

it's not quite what I dreamed of - which was a water feature/pond incorporated into the garden - but as they cost thousands of dollars this one is almost as good and at a small fraction of the price................

The deck................

and here are the two new chairs added this year - complete with ottomans (and you can just see the corner of a lil table that matches the chairs) 


Day 9

just some fun shots of the water in the fountain - playing with shutter speeds to see the difference - do you see any difference??

those are the center of the fountain - and the water pours over the side and down........



abby said...

I love all the pics...those chairs are amazing. And...i went to the docs last week, told Him i was committed to getting my body moving...hate the word exercise. He said everything counts..walking, lawn work, dancing to music.....
hugs abby

Sir said...

Walking in your garden to do gardening ISN'T walking, now is it??

Walking is dedicated walking and just walking..

Making promises, is just that making promises no matter WHO you make them to!!


Sharon S said...

Morningstar, You have my vote. Like Abby my doctor told me that walking of any kind counts. I even purchased a little watch that counts my steps-walking. Sorry W.

Loved the pictures, the patio set is lively. The Japanese style water feature is beautiful. Please enjoy it.

Hugs, Sharon

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