Thursday, May 22, 2014

Evening Out - addendum

 Just got back from the urologist's - the pathology report - cancer - stage 1 low grade - I will be having cystos every 3 months....... but no chemo or radiation needed


The one thing Kingston does have a lot of - is munches.  Last night W and I went to a downtown Kingston munch.  We had hummed and hawed about going but in the end we went.

It was a small group - very small - the food was good - and the evening was short.  As we were leaving firetrucks screamed past us.  W looked at me and asked if I wanted to go to a fire (man after my own heart!!)

By the time we got down to the bottom of the street (cause the fire was at the bottom of the street)  it was all but out............

BUT there were still firemen and firetrucks and some smoke.............. and me without my camera!!!   I did however have my cell phone and used it as my back up camera - not nearly as good and very frustrating for me... but still I managed to snap a couple of pics which means I will be able to add to my 365 project..................

Day 14


 As we were leaving I hugged W and said he always found the most interesting adventures for me (cheeky grin)

Today - for anyone keeping track - I am off to the urologist's to get the pathology report... my mantra is "breathe........ breathe...... breathe". 

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