Friday, May 09, 2014

365 Project

A few years ago when I was home recuperating from some illness/surgery I found a website that suggested taking a picture a day for one year.  I started doing it as it was incentive to get me out of the house walking,

Last evening after reading everyone's comments on yesterday's photo blog I thought I should resurrect that 365 photo project. (which - if anyone is interested - I never finished as I went back to work and got very busy)

Now before everyone runs screaming - cause truthfully - come on folks - looking at someone else's photo shoots can be as boring as being forced to sit through holiday photos - or family photos............. I will post the usual blog stuff around here ......... like spankings and floggings and ropes OH MY!  once they resume around here (IF they ever resume around here - le sigh) but every day I will post my daily photo (or two or three.............) at the bottom of the blog for the day.  I promise to try very hard not to have the 365 become the main focus around here.  

Yesterday there were two comments that I would like to follow up on......

keth said...for next time you want to photograph something like a rabbit - do you have a sports setting on your camera?
 yes keth I do have a sports setting on my camera - but that is a "point and shoot" feature and I am trying very hard not to use the point and shoot features - but rather learn/teach myself how to use the proper settings - like - in this case "shutter speed".

Alyson said.... Have you thought of taking photos of the same buts on the gernaiums over a course of hours or days as they open up?
 yes Alyson I had thought about it - I have done it with other flowers - though I haven't shared it - I will take more shots of the geranium buds and perhaps post them all on one day ............ 

Now yesterday - keeping up with my promise to myself to get out and walk every day I went back into the forest (using that term loosely) and took some more photos... It was difficult to pick one for the 365 project - but I think this one intrigues me the most... I do like finding "hidden" gates...................

OH wait wait!!!

I loved these pics - graffiti on a picnic table in the park............

  and that is it for today................



saffy said...

oh wow ... i am so glad you decided to do the photo a day thing. I love the gate... but then things like that always fuel my imagination and make me wonder what is beyond.
i started the photo a day once , a very long time ago, but my photos are nothing like yours, i just use my ipod and snap away most of the time. ( i am worried that if i used the proper camera now i would have a tic and launch it across the floor/ground. ) Thank you for sharing xx

Sharon S said...

Morningstar, Loved your comments on the suggestions made yesterday. I simply adore the gate. I look forward to seeing your pictures, it's a great project. Generally, I am not happy about graffiti but those two drawings were lovely, glad you had the artist or photographer's eye to capture them. Don't over do the walking, remember you need time to heal (smile).

Hugs Sharon

Anonymous said...

hey morningstar!

Checkout they offer lots of FREE course and they are VERY GOOD! When I purchased our Nikkon 7100 I signed up for fundamentals of dslr, posing 101, and table top lighting. They are FREE when they are broadcast live or you can buy them for about 100 bucks (I think) will hopefully show you the upcoming course.


Downunder Don said...

I am so jealous of your new lens and am saving every spare penny for one myself.

Mumski and I have a project...each week be proud enough to print and hang up the photo taken that week that we each like the best. No editing, just as it is. (no point and shoot allowed either; fully manual)

Some weeks, brilliance; most weeks, meh. But it does mean we have to make a conscious effort to get out and work at it.

Hoping you are improving health wise....looking forward to some great photos

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