Monday, August 12, 2013


There have been a number of adjustments moving to a new city - in a new province.  I think the worst one for me is food adjustments.  Ya see I don't much like bread. After I was sick a couple of years ago - I agreed to eat 3 meals a day - which included breakfast.  I had to find something to eat for breakfast - something I could eat for breakfast.  Bagels were the one food I could tolerate / choke down at breakfast.  

Fast forward to Kingston - they sell a sad imitation of a bagel.  It is more a bread roll with a hole in the middle.  Disgusting!!  

For the last month I have been trying to introduce new breakfast menus.. I have tried cheese bread (not bad - pricey - and I wasn't fussy on it) .. I tried 'their' bagels.  I settled on cinnamon raisin.  I could barely choke it down.  Then I discovered cinnamon buns (that aren't sticky buns - no icing - no raisins - not really a bread - more like a scone) and I didn't mind them.  Only thing was W questioned the calorie versus nutrient value - which meant every time I ate them for breakfast I felt guilty.

It started to look much easier to give up eating breakfast and just have a couple of cups of coffee.  

Then on the weekend I decided to see if I could make Quebec style bagels.  I looked for a recipe - found many - but they all read like bun recipes.  Until I found one that was different.  I decided to try it.

They were a lot of work - my god they were a HUGE amount of work!!  from the mixing - to the resting to  two different sets of rising times -  to boiling them and FINALLY cooking them.

I don't know about you - but when I am making a new recipe I have to pay attention - I read the recipe umteen times - every step of the way.  I am focused on what I am doing - really really focused.

In the midst of this focused cooking W walked into the kitchen,  He wondered if I was nearly done??!!!  I explained it was a HUGE amount of work and NO I wasn't finished.... and as those words came out of my mouth - W sorta / kinda flipped me over the counter and thrust into me.  I was totally blindsided.  I was "ouching" and dancing a bit of a jig - trying to get "things" aligned so it wouldn't hurt/pinch so much - and was trying to keep an eye on the blessed bagels.

The interesting thing (to me anyway) is that suddenly it is like someone throws a switch in my head/body.  The bagels - what bagels?? get forgotten - the ouchy pinchy pain is gone and all that is left is this wonderful fire growing in my belly - a need a want a burning desire. I can feel the wetness running down my legs - I want this wonderful feeling to go on forever - the suddenness of it - the ouchy pinchy pain - it all helps to make it amazing!!!!  BUT - as fast as it starts - it's over... and I am left standing on shaky legs - laughing at the puddle on the floor and complaining "it" hurts (hear me whine?)

W walks off leaving me to clean up and continue with the bagels.  It always surprises me that I can refocus as well as I do............ 

The bagels came out of the oven golden brown and smelling divine !!

We had sandwiches on the fresh from the oven bagels for lunch and declared them nearly as good as any Quebec bagel !!  Next time I will add poppy seeds to them.... and make more than 1/2 a dozen and freeze the extras..........all it takes is a little adjustment and incentive......

and W has just the right incentive !!!


Sir said...

Does this mean I have to finger you EVERY time you bake bagels???


little monkey said...

Too bad you don't have a like button for other peoples comments. Personally i think that ^ is a fine idea. I'd be making bagels ALL the time :)

Sue said...

They look lovely. I've made bagels, and you are right -- they are an enormous amount of work. You seem to be adjusting just fine.


Hermione said...

I tried making Montreal bagels once and I agree, it was a huge amount of work and all the sesame seeds fell off. They didn't taste one bit like the real thing. Our neighbour sometimes brings us real Toronto bagels when he goes to TO on business. They're completely different from Mtl ones and also totally delicious. They are similar to the supermarket version but way better.

Metro stores have an excellent in-store bakery. You might find something yummy there. They also carry packaged Montreal bagels.


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