Monday, October 22, 2012

Le Weekend

I didn't just take *A* day off - I took the whole weekend off.......... and boy was it a good choice!!  

By Friday noon we looked like we were in the middle of some tropical storm - heavy winds and rain.  By the time I left work - the rain was so heavy I could barely see the hood of my car!!  All I kept thinking was "damn I am glad I am not driving through this on the highway"

Friday evening found me in my snuggly pjs curled up on the sofa barely able to keep my eyes open.  All I wanted was to sleep and sleep and sleep............. of course I woke up at 4 am on Saturday!!  Who the hell wakes up at 4 am on a Saturday??!!!  (besides those that work I mean) 

My plan was to spend the entire weekend in my pjs on the sofa - doing absolutely nothing.  


I really haven't done groceries in about 4 weeks - and trust me when I say the cupboard was about as bare as Old Mother Hubbard's. (for you young ones - check Mother Hubbard on Google! - I am feeling cranky and old ) 

So I pulled on some jeans and trudged off to do some shopping.  One of the "mission impossible" jobs I had on my list was to find a matching lamp for the bedroom lamp I currently I have.  It is (in my mind) oriental looking -  in shades of beige and brown and will fit beautifully into the new bedroom in Kingston. BUT I needed one more (hey I was single when I bought this one - who knew I was gonna eventually need 2??!!)  Luck was on my side - the store where I bought the original one at least a year ago - had about 6 left - and they were on sale !!!  So I snapped one up and gloated all the way out of the store.

I picked up some groceries ........ and came home.

I didn't put the snuggly pjs back on - but I did curl up on the sofa and spent the afternoon and evening watching football - with missy curled up beside me purring away (she misses me when I am gone on weekends)

During the half time show (I hate half time shows in football - it's like one longgggg advertisement!!) I figured it was time to squeeze some personal grooming into the lazy schedule.  

Personal grooming as in shaving my pussy ............. I don't think I have done that since I last bought groceries....... it was a BUSH !!!  and ugly ......... believe it or not I went through 2 blades hacking it off........ but I am pleased to say that I finished the job and am now nice and clean and pink again.  And during the second half of the football game I even managed to give myself a manicure.

W went to a munch and an "after munch party" Saturday night - and yeah I admit I was a little bit jealous - I would have enjoyed going........ but realized I enjoyed being lazy even more!!!

Sunday was more of the same - lazy day curled up on the sofa - only no football games to watch.  I did manage to get about 4 loads of laundry done - my supply of clothing was about as low as my supply of food....... 

And now here it is Monday again - and I am more or less ready to face the maddening crowds and stress of work for another week.


Sir said...

AND what is wrong with a lovely looking bush??


Ordalie said...

One week-end far from the pelting rain on the road at long last...Good for you!

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