Friday, August 05, 2011

Sexual Turn ons - cautionary note.

A while back - after one of my sex toy reviews for EdenFantasys - the web site that offers every sex toy you can imagine and then some!!! I received an email from one of my readers asking me what I did to turn myself on.  Luckily I don't usually need anything to turn myself on - and no I don't watch porn or sensual videos.  They are just too explicit. 

Let me explain - 

I prefer using my imagination - which fits me just right.  BUT if the imagination is running a little low - then I will read a good sensual book (ok ok sometimes pornographic book) either in book form or on line.  

As  Elise Gower says "I think great erotica is like a fabulous dream.   You should be carried away from all your sensibilities and be open to new experiences."

Well the last time EdenFantasys contacted me - I decided to try something new - something other than another vibrator or dildo (besides I am still enjoying immensely the dildo I received last time).  So I selected one of their erotic books.  Hey - Edenfantasys is more than sex toys!!!

The book I selected is called "can't help the way that I feel" edited by LoriBryant-Woolridge.  It is a selection of erotic writings - with a twist.  A twist that is right up my alley.  There are a selection of stories at the end that are open ended... "please do continue" and they even leave blank pages should you want to jot down your ending.  

So two days ago I got the familiar twitching.... and disappeared upstairs to find sexie sadie and a vibrator.... settled down on the bed .. closed my eyes... and just let my "imagination take me away" ... 

Only it was a low imagination day...... and after a good long while I realized no matter how close I got - I wasn't gonna go over the edge..... The last thing I needed or wanted was to be left feeling frustrated all day.  

That's when I remembered the new book!

I snuggled back down on the bed and opened the book........... Let me share one small section that worked the magic....... 
"People kind of lose their minds when it comes to sex. The body and mind want to do so many creative things, but there are all these rules. 'Do not,' 'Thou shalt not' 'Restricted' 'Prohibited'   The only rule should be consent.  I just want to see what people will do in a space where it's okay to let their imaginations run wild"

I let the book slip from my hands and went back to the vibrator and sexie sadie..... my imagination was on over drive ....... I was just reaching this earth shattering orgasm when I twisted and heard the POP.  The pain drove up the left side of my body into my head and down my left leg to my toes.  I screamed - and it wasn't because of the orgasm!!  I had managed to pop out my knee. (again !! not the first time and probably won't be the last time)

Now I like pain - I especially like pain when I am orgasming ......... BUT that was not consentual pain.  AND it was worse than a cold bucket of water on my orgrasm!!!  UGH!!  

So now I am in a knee brace - swallowing anti-inflammatories every 4 hours  waiting for the swelling to come down.  Hopefully before this weekend - W and i have another play party to attend........ and i am owed at least one earth shattering orgasm!!! (no imagination prompting needed!!)


Buffalo said...

Ouch. Poor baby.

BlazngScarlet said...

What Buffalo said .... OUCH!

moonchildkitty said...

OUCH! Hope your knee feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Aw that sucks- sorry for your lost orgasm and hope it is made up soon! :)

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