Friday, September 03, 2010

Not SO Adventurous

It is "Fetish Weekend" up here in the Great White North. It started on Wednesday evening (I believe) and continues through till Monday evening.

It almost feels like a massive sub frenzy taking place around me. Everyone talking about who's going to which event.... what they are wearing.. and oh my god - let's not forget the hard work that is going into banishing those nasty tan lines!!!

Now I will admit a goodly amount of my ambivalence to all this frenzied activity is that I am not now.. have never been.. and will never have a fetish that rules my life......... such as latex and leather and rubber and feet and shoes ... It all sounds pretty much like a big fashion show of who's who in the BDSM community.

My plans for the weekend are a whole lot more mundane.. and very much vanilla. I am going to do laundry, clean the house, go out for a coffee date with Warren .. and have a family Labour Day weekend barbeque on Sunday. (Monday I expect I will rest up for the onslaught of school next week)

Pretty mundane........ boring...and anything but Adventurous .. right??

I commented on FL (where the Montreal Community seems to gather and plan and plot and gossip) that I am ready for a nice munch. Yes a nice vanilla type munch would suit me just fine right about now......... BUT all this hectic activity is not on my agenda.

I realize during the spring and early summer months that kind of hectic frantic partying WAS on my agenda. I have also come to realize that that type of partying doesn't give one time to process... or come back to earth.. or do anything much more than get through one event and start thinking about the next. Leaving a huge hole where all the other less adventurous .. more mundane things should go.

I must be getting old........... or jaded....... or both. I am hand picking the events I want to attend now... and they are very much few and far between.

I am realizing this is much more "my" style. And I am more centered and focused and happy this way.

So ....... it may not be an adventurous journey every week - but it is having more meaning ... and is a whole lot more personal.

Everyone have a happy safe Labour Day Weekend - whether you are frantically planning umpteen parties........ or just looking forward to a family barbeque.


Hisflower said...

actually your weekend sounds anything but mundane.... all your plans sound wonderful- (well, except the laundry and, but hey, we gotta do
have a wonderful weekend~

anna said...

You're the second friend I know who is staying away from the events this year.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I go to Burning Man, which is far far away from the Fetish weekend. The kind of SM I've seen at their events is mostly the Stand and Model kind, which reminds me too much of high school.

Reminds me also how Divers/cite is now a big party and someone else does the parade and community day.

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