Thursday, September 09, 2010


Confetti......... yeah confetti! I have had all these little colourful snippets of thoughts floating around in my head for days now.... I kept hoping one if not more than one would manifest itself into a half decent entry......... But it would seem these little bits of fluff aren't manifesting into anything more than a whole mess of white noise........

So......... in the hope that all that white noise will dissipate if I dump it here........

* is it a lie if someone promises one thing and then turns around and does something completely different?? should one trust someone like that... or is it just human nature ???? Maybe I put too much stock in promises....... in people's integrity....... Maybe I allow people's behaviours to disappoint me too much even when their behaviour has nothing to do with me directly.

* I was told that men think of sex and having sex every 7 minutes or something like that........ don't you think that could be controlled if they seriously wanted to?? and don't you think that is a sexist type of comment?? I wonder who did the research on that one. I wonder how often women think of sex.

* Egos - I was once accused of having an ego (not in a good way) and it has bothered me ever since. IF I do indeed have such an ego........ I want to get it under control - I don't believe having a BIG ego is a compliment. I have been examining my interactions and watching for any hint of ego...... if I don't see this ego - does that mean I do indeed have one.... or does it mean I don't have one

* Some people are so afraid of failure (or failing again) that they won't take a risk. It makes me sad. I wonder if I am ever so afraid of failing that I refuse to venture forth and take a gamble.

* Sometimes I feel like a kid in high school again..... watching the "in crowd" bustling around and feeling envious - but also glad I am not part of the group... I hate expectations.. and it seems to me.. being in the "in crowd" brings with it a whole mess of expectations.

* Some days I feel like an ass for opening my heart up (again and again) and finding out I probably misread the intent.

* The stupidest complaint I have received since starting work is "There are too many parents picking up children" ....... Am I supposed to shoot the extra parents??

* I like the term "pain slut" much much better than "masochist" .

White noise be gone !


  1. Broken promise - lie. Not much difference. But a promise is more than saying "let's" or "I'll."

    Teenage boys think of sex 50 out of 60 seconds. I wondered what in the hell they thought of the other 5 seconds.

    Adult men think of sex often. How often, I suppose that would have to do with the environment, time of year, and how under-privileged you've been.

    Thank Eros that women seem to have it on their minds frequently.

  2. kethry5:21 am

    The Ego Accusation - I'd look at the motivations of the person making the accusation, and if anyone else has ever said anything else similar, before you beat yourself up for having a big ego, hon. Even if they seemed to be sincere about "helping" - you know, like.. "oh.. morningstar, i thought maybe you don't know but that comes across like you have a huge ego.. " - often that kind of thing, although seemingly well meant, is the person subconsciously trying to boost their OWN self-confidence by putting down someone else.

    and besides, things like self-confidence can often be seen as ego by those who have less self-confidence in themselves.

    Have you thought about asking someone who you trust, who knows you well, what they think about it?


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