Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh my !!!

I had the most exciting scene yesterday!!!

Remember the email I wrote about that started off "Do you trust me?" Well that scene is the one that took place last evening. Miss Maxye of L'Oubliette was my top for the evening. I was a service sub for the closing Corn Roast Party at L'Oubliette and during the afternoon Miss Maxye asked me if I had ever had needle play. My immediate reation was "yes" .. Warren did from time to time do acupuncture needle play with me. BUT .. I always considered that a bit of a wimp's version of needle play the real thing - in my opinion - was when the needles are actually threaded through the skin. that would be a huge test of my masochism!!

I thought our busy time was never going to end. Miss Maxye kept up the anticipation through the afternoon. Finally - lighting upgraded, needles laid out, Miss Maxye took me into the dungeon. I was so damn nervous. Like always - I worried I wasn't masochist enough to do this!! Afraid I was gonna wimp out.

Miss Maxye started by telling me that for the entire scene I was not to talk or move. Then she started putting clothes pegs on various parts of my body.. the one that bugged me the most was on my belly button.. it didn't really hurt.. but it made me feel silly. AND it kept my mind focused there for a bit.

After washing my breasts down with alcohol (yes yes I used to be allergic but sometime over the last year or so - there doesn't seem to be the severe adverse reaction to it) she began inserting the needles. I could not believe how fast the endorphins kicked in. And I remember after a rather painful one, Miss Maxye stroking my face and saying that was the look she liked.

For most of the insertation process I kept my eyes closed, but did at one point open them to take a peek - and all I could think was " OH MY GOD!!! I have needles in my breasts !!"

Once they were all in, Miss Maxye had me stand and move to the cross where she helped me into the restraints and started working over my ass and back and legs. The rule of no talking and no moving was shouting loudly in my head. It was a difficult rule to follow. I was scared to lean into the cross because of the needles and don't forget the clothes pins. She went from a gentle hand spanking, to a heavy flogging, to something that felt like it was tearing the skin off my ass. OH MY GOD it hurt (so good!!!) At one point I started my lil subbie jig and Miss Maxye reminded me firmly "not to move". It had to be one the hardest things I have done, holding still knowing that the stinging bite of the flogger was gonna keep up until Miss Maxye decided it was over.

Finally when I thought I couldn't possibly take anymore, Miss Maxye was taking me down and leading me to a chair to remove the needles. As Miss Maxye put it, she had to leave just a little bit of energy in me for the removal process.

When I had my wits about me enough to focus on my surroundings, I realize Miss Maxye's scene had attracted quite an audience. To Miss Maxye's credit one of the Dom's came and complimented her on the scene.

I am hoping that Miss Maxye had as much fun as I did...... she was an amazing Top to play with !!!!

This morning I am left with some very special souvenirs of the closing party of L'Oubliette!!!


  1. How divine! Just experienced needle play for the first time and I loved it! Beautiful pictures!

  2. SirMike8:31 am

    Cool markings...thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you for sharing that experience. You recount it so beautifully.


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