Monday, September 20, 2010

The new S&M??

There is a club here in the Great White North that in my humble opinion has "class" (or did) Unlike the other clubs with flashing lights and gaudy coloured walls, loud music and not much room ........ This club is in an old Victorian home fully restored. The lighting is muted.. the rooms with their high ceilings and wide moldings and subdued painted walls offer play spaces second to none. (again in my opinion). The main level sitting rooms offer the grace and tranquility of the time period.

And the guests who frequent this club once a month come dressed in exquisite leathers and latex and carry toy bags. Everyone eventually wanders upstairs with their toy bags to claim a play space and spend an hour or so playing to their hearts delight. Most guests return to the sitting rooms to snuggle on the sofas and chat / discuss/ sometimes debate. Sometimes you might see some foot worship going on discretely. BUT the word that best describes this club is discrete. Seldom do you see the stand and model types.

I have spent some of my best play times in this club, feeling at home, safe and welcomed.

This past weekend was the weekend this club was open. This past weekend a submissive (and I say that a bit tongue in cheek) friend of mine was celebrating her birthday there. I had agreed to go .......... and come Saturday despite having been under the weather all week..... decided I would pop down for a couple of hours .. at the very least to wish her a happy birthday .. at best maybe get a play time in.

I was shocked by the scenes that greeted me upon arrival. There were couples in various state of undress in the sitting room... there was a young submissive naked from the waist down over a Mistress' knee (and trust me I use the term Mistress very lightly) having her bottom spanked while she was also being finger fucked. People were standing around gaping.

Truthfully I didn't know where to stand or where to look. I landed up standing in the hallway taking big breaths.

I am not a prude. BUT I don't expect to walk into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah in a BDSM club.

I wandered upstairs to find all but one play room with the door closed.... one assumes more sexual play was taking place behind the closed doors from the moans that were emanating from within.

During the evening I watched as subbies were handed off to other "Masters" and "Mistresses" for sexual play. The music of the evening was not spanking or floggers or whips, but the sexual moaning of hot and horny submissives and Dominants.

The musky scent of sex filled the air.

And I did not see one pair of latex gloves or one condom being used....... NOT ONE... use the sub pass her/him along ... don't wash hands.. don't use protection.. just use and pass.. rinse and repeat. Sloppy seconds.

I did get a play time in .. on the cross in one of the rooms upstairs.. the door was left open! It was a double cross and another submissive and Dom that I know asked if they might use the second half of the cross... we gladly welcomed them to share. At least someone else was going to play - the way I am used to.

Not long after the submissive was fastened to the cross, I felt the cross vibrating. I opened my eyes. What the hell was going on??!!! I glanced in the mirror hanging on the wall to see the Dom using a vibrator on her. OH GOOD LORD !!! Even here in the sanctity of the cross room, there was sexual play going on........ talk about distracting !!!

My scene was rather short lived. The vibrations (excuse the pun) from the room / from the club had put me in a bad mind set. The bug that had ravished my body all week had left me weak too and it was enough. I wanted down.. and I wanted out... gone.

I will think twice about returning to that club. I will yes, because it is still my favourite place to play. BUT if it is again filled with sex starved individuals who don't have the common sense most teenagers do (about safe sex) I won't be returning.

Is this the new S&M - sex and musk? If it is, I may very well say goodbye to the lifestyle that has made me feel I belonged for so many years. It is evolving into something I do not understand.

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