Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As with yesterday's post about cages.. this post on pet play is MY OPINION only and i am prepared to ruffle some feathers..........

Once upon a time i read about pet play on the net (of course - where else can one find such an abundance of information??!!) And as with cages - it intrigued me. i won't say it turned me on... it actually didn't.. but i wondered what it would be like to eat from a bowl.. on the floor .. under the table.

And Sir being the kind Sir that He is.... granted my wish... (more like fantasy).. And so it was that there were a few nights that i ate my dinner from a bowl - no hands of course !! - under the table at His feet.

First let me say........ if you wish to experience indigestion..... fold your body in half.. and eat without hands from the floor. Trust me when i say - it doesn't fit into ANY fantasy i have !!

Second.. i am still trying to figure out how one knows - when one is on the floor under the table - when one's Master needs something....... like more food???? i seemed to spend my time popping up to see how Sir was doing.........

After - i guess the 3rd try at this pet idea..... and suffering with more indigestion than any living being should....... being under the table at Sir's feet - tended to give me horrific fits of the giggles. i just couldn't get my head around being an animal. AN ANIMAL???!!!

The image didn't work....... and besides .. i am not flexible enough - nor do i have a long enough tongue to lick my pretty pink bits !!

However there was a blog i read....... where she often times would be given her food in a bowl.. and more than that.. would be sent outside to the back porch to pee in a litter box. Now i get that....... i really do.... i figure one has to be into some form of humiliation to pee in a litter box....... dontcha think???? AND as i am so not into humiliation the whole pet idea just didn't work for me....... or thank the gods.. to Sir either.

In my mind........ as with caging......... BDSM should fit into the real world...... not be a fantasy world. And i am trying to understand the Master's side of this.........if He wants a pet why doesn't He go to the SPCA and pick up one??? How does the Master get His mind around screwing a "pet"?? How does anyone pretend to be a pet and yet fulfill all the realities of this world.. like preparing a meal?? i don't know.. it is just too much to wrap my mind around.

Though - having said all that - a few years ago at the BDSM camp we went to..... i did get to watch a male submissive pull on a horse's tail hitch himself up to a horse cart and give free rides to anyone who wanted one. i was fascinated by it.

And i tend to find females dressed in horse attire rather erotic...... realistic no..... but still rather erotic.

i suppose in some ways .. the horse play tends to the dramatic - more so than dogs and cats. However .. i still believe i prefer my BDSM real - rather than a fantasy .


Anonymous said...

Interesting post...but how is what a puppy or pony player does any less real to them than whatever your kinks are to you?

So the puppy thing didn't work for you, it wouldnt work for everyone of course.

Isn't nearly every form of BDSM based on someone's fantasy at some point? and then just a matter of how realistic it can feel for the invididuals participating?

I've met the puppy girl you've pictured at the start of your blog just very recently, and for her it is her major kink. She is able to sink completely into that role for whatever time her dom requires - anything up to a day or so - and for that time she's a mad little poodle. Yeah, she's not going to go and make the dinner like that...but part of bdsm IS escapism and fantasy and she's got it to a level that its as realistic as it can be.

I suppose it just depends on a bit of imagination and creativity, no different to a few kids role playing cowboys and indians or whatever in the playground.

Like, in reality, our playroom is a spare room with a few hooks and a bit of bondage apparel...but to us it's a dungeon/torture clinic whatever.

I think tho for any sort of BDSM activity to work the imagination has to be the driving force...and it has to be a fantasy you actually want to make real. Just takes a bit of experimentation to work out what works individually, some fantasies should stay that, but others...well...others should be encouraged.

TG x

littleone said...

thisgirl... i started this entry, as well as the one yesterday, with the warning that this is my opinion.. and only my opinion!

i am not saying folks can't make it work.. cause i know they do.. i am just saying that for Sir and i it is fantasy and as you will see if you keep reading my entries.. fantasy just doesn't work for us........ shrug...

morningstar (owned by Warren)

sin said...

Sometimes you just don't know til you try something. Humiliation is pretty close to heat and sex for lots of people. Maybe there are components of it that would work for you. I wrote today about my experience trying a horse's tail. It wasn't about being a pet, but seemed surprisingly close to your post for today.

It seems to me that you have a very open mind btw, trying new things on spec.


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