Friday, April 24, 2009

Long day..

Yesterday was a long longggggggggg day.. i started at 7:30 and went straight through till 5:30 when i finally got to skiddle out of school and head off to a meeting of the townhouse association....... i got home.. safe and sound just before 8.... and just about collapsed. Honest folks i am getting way too old to do these long days ...... (which included taking a group of 30 kids from 4:00 - 5:30 - go figure!!)

All of that is to say.. i am a bit brain dead this morning.......... and i still have a multitude of things to do before i leave for work and a weekend at Sir's........ (but i am taking my lap top this weekend - so expect at least one post over the weekend - hopefully?? maybe something juicy?? god i hope so !!)

Anyway........ i thought i would post some pictures on the Photo Journal - just to fill in the words i didn't write here........


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  1. I know you're going to think I'm being snarky even though I'm not. Where did "skiddle" come from? Never, ever heard it before.


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