Friday, May 02, 2008


There was a comment left yesterday on my blog that referred to the " rough time" i have been having recently. i wonder if you all understand how much i hate dramas...... in blogs... in real life.......anywhere. i really do just like life to waddle along at a reasonable pace and have as few speed bumps as necessary.

i have a part time employee whose life is full of drama........ that in itself does not bother me.. what does bother me is when it spills over and affects me. i have two daughters and two weddings this summer.. that in itself does not bother me..... what bothers me is the drama that comes along with planning weddings - and melding two families and two separate sets of ideals (in my case 4+ families) ...... And my health....... geez whizzz.. talk about dramas....... from weird cells that need to be gone to falling over janitor's trolleys..... i can do without all the drama now thanks.. i have had more than my share !!!

And along those lines i was thinking this morning as i sat playing my backgammon game on the pc with leg elevated awkwardly on the garbage can....... that when i read blogs there seems to always be some sort of drama going on....... and i categorized the dramas..
well sort of... in my mind it makes perfect sense.. bear with me while i try to explain.......

1) the very young ones seem to have drama happening regularly - from trying to find a new Master - to finding one - to falling madly in lust with Him - to falling out of lust and desire and looking for a new Master and the merry-go-round goes round and round.

2) the little bit older ones have dramas concerning their life style.. trying to rationalize it to the blogging world.. (or is it to themselves??) always some new problem popping up to agonize over........

3) and then there are the old ones - like myself. Our lil dramas seem to be mostly health related....... weird cells included.

All of that got me to wondering if as a human race - we are not happy unless there is some drama going on......... or is it that life is just one big drama performance??? OR and probably more the case.. i just chose to see all the lil dramas and dramatize them even more? (nodding yup - probably more the last one than the others)

i am hoping not much more drama in my life ........Monday is the second biopsy.. Sir swears i am going to get the all clear.. and then (get this for good timing !!) i see my doctor over the knee in the afternoon and hopefully she will extend my leave for just one more week so the knee can heal and i can have a good rest after the biopsy.....

i want to thank everyone who took 2 minutes to leave their home origins in the last two posts.. unfortunately i didn't hear from the strange lil dots out in the ocean or the ones from Asia (at least i think it is Asia) and Spankedhortic i don't think i will be doing the map with the pins in it........ just not enough responses really (though maybe i will make an attempt - especially if i am off all next week)

For those of you who requested a story - i am working on one....... but it is getting more and more difficult each month to come up with something new and .. ummm.. titillating.

As for those of you who requested a new entry in the Photojournal i am going to upload some new ones today........

And from now on.. here's hoping this blog becomes a no drama zone !!!

editorial note: i have posted to the Fictional blog - see link on right. This story was originally published in a local BDSM magazine here in the Great White North...... enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Well I am definitely number 2. But I kinda think that's the purpose of the blog. It is a place to agonize, be the drama-queen. I can't do it at home (mostly because there is no one to do it TO :D ) Master isn't about to listen to my dramatic tirades so the only way I can get that interaction is on the blog. To gossip and talk and argue and whine and agonize over nothing...

Otherwise, all I would have for that place is naked pictures and a very boring account of my day to day activities. "Today I took a shower. Made coffee. Did the dishes. Took the dog out. Blah blah blah..." See? Yuck. So I "create" drama, search for some hidden meaning in something, try to find an angle.. just whatever I can think of.. it makes my otherwise boring day a little more interesting to me.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this.

But maybe I am..LOL

I never would have placed you or your blog in the "drama" category though. Not at all.

And here's to a whole nother week off! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Aislinn said...

Good luck on Monday.
I seem to fall in between the catogories of a little older and health problems drama. lol

Lynn said...

Ah...drama! Not into number two but that is where i sit today. Blogs are where some hash out difficult thoughts or even work through small happenings in life that hit the wrong nerve.
Life is what we choose to make it.

Best wishes on the testing! "bad cell" scares are no walk in the park.



Shame about the map but no bigy.

Combining "Asia" and "Drama" it is only right to point out that there are many countries in Asia and the Middle East, where even reading Kink blogs is a highly illegal activity, that can carry consequences that it would be hard for people like us, living in western democracies, to comprehend. It is important to realize that these people may be putting themselves at extra risk, by leaving comments on blogs that local laws may forbid them from reading in the first place.

Hope the test results come out good.


Buffalo said...

Many feel the need for drama to validate and add importance to their life. They create drama where none actually exists.

That little dot in the ocean; is it off the west coast of Africa?

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