Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tack Bra

Despite all sorts of road blocks being thrown up .. like my having somehow screwed up blogspot so badly i have lost just about all the function keys... i did manage to not only make the tack bra but get some pictures of it uploaded as well.

The making of the bra was not nearly as difficult as i had originally thought (ok ok planned it to be!!) Sir took me shopping to a second hand clothing store yesterday to buy 2 bras - as per kaya's directions.. and then to get some tacks.. and home again.

Now for those of you who worry about my health.. and sanity.. when approaching some of these projects.. i DID wash the bras well in good hot water.. (god only knows where they were before they were mine!!) and i did disinfect the tacks.... all before assembling.

i assembled it this morning and got all weak kneed thinking about the tiny pin prick holes that were gonna be created.. tiny rivulets of blood trickling down the whiteness of my breasts...

i put the bra on with Sir manning the camera waiting for just the right gasp of shock (He did manage to get one) but for the most part it wasn't nearly as bad as i had projected in my imagination. i wore it for about an hour and then asked for permission to remove it.. granted of course. i gingerly ... slowly .. removed the bra to find...
NOTHING... not one drop of blood.. not one puncture hole... sighhhhh.. just some cute lil dimples. Now i think i may understand why kaya moved on to upholstery nails.......... but whether i am ready for that just yet i am not sure............but for now.. the tack bra is done..

and i am wondering .... magadala.. did you get to play with chopsticks??
kaya .. did you get any pretty lil crafty plastic clothes pegs??


Anonymous said...

I got the little crafty wooden ones but they weren't touched this weekend.

And yes, that's why I moved up to the upholstery nails, which, btw, leave the same indents only a bit deeper. Still no blood.

How that's possible I really don't know. It sure *feels* like I'm being stabbed.

Anyhoo... I can't find your email addy again. The link to the side won't let me log in to send you anything so I'll say it here. :-)

My post today.. if you read it. Ignore it. I'm struggling over other things and being a bitch. It's a long story, had nothing to do with you at all but I didn't want to hurt your feelings either. It's me, which I shall explain soon. Ish. Later.



littleone said...


i don't know why the email link didn't work for you.. i tried this morning and it works fine.. at least for me..

mind you i have buggered something up so well on this pc that i am not surprised when things stop working anymore... sighhhhhhhhh

i have this love/hate relationship with my pc..

morningstar (owned by Warren)

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