Thursday, September 16, 2021

That Time again......



Over the last 2 weeks I have been cleaning........... and I do mean CLEANING!!  I started in the laundry room - better known as the 'catch all' room.  I emptied it .... sorted out the junk.... then washed down the walls ..... sorted out the shelves .... washed / scrubbed the floor and put it all back together.  It looks so nice now!!  I almost look forward to laundry day.

I more or less emptied the lil one's room.... did the walls .... pulled the mattress off the bed and vacuumed the frame/platform - and the mattress ... tidied and sorted and put it all back together.

Then I did the kitchen....... le sigh.  It was filthy!  How does a clean freak's kitchen get so damn dirty??!!  Cleaned the oven... the stove... the cupboards.. the fridge.. the pantry.... washed the floors and wiped down the walls.  

Yesterday I was pooped - so I only shampooed the living rug... and wiped down the walls - polishing the floors and all the rest of it will wait till next week.

For me cleaning is very therapeutic. In my first house I had real wood panelling in the kitchen - when I felt out of control or stressed I would oil all the panelling... a bit like Karate Kid - oil on - oil off.  It always soothed my soul.  

As much as I was thrilled to see the lil one go back to school - it has created a whole new world of stress.  Her mother didn't send her to school with any masks so she had to wear the dirty ones from Friday.  She didn't take her water bottle to school (it was in her mother's fridge) so the teacher gave her a styrofoam cup to drink out of...... She apparently isn't getting her math work done and the teacher isn't doing anything about it??!!! GAH!!  AND her school bus is overcrowded with 3 kids to a seat........ and 2 different schools on the same bus at the same time??!!!  So much for covid precautions....... le sigh.

Sir Steve teases me saying IF I didn't have anything to stress over - I would stress over not stressing.  All I can say is - we're gonna have a very clean house by the time I get this stress under control.  (maybe the worst will be over after tomorrow - the day of my cancer check up)

On the bright side - Sir Steve heard from the doctor over one of his medical issues........ they're gonna adopt a wait and see attitude...... in 6 months he'll have more blood tests.  Today he is going for some 'special' xrays (the doctor's words) and he has an appointment with same doctor next week.  Hopefully he'll get some answers....... and get some relief from the pain (in his left knee and right ankle)

Life marches on....... 


  1. I think the way you handle stress is very productive. I deal with stress by staying buried in my recliner and eating.

    One county here decided not to ever do covid tracing in the schools. It's peaking in our county and I got to see that first hand yesterday.

    Best of luck to you and Sir Steve on all your medical information.

  2. Hi Morningstar, You 'only' shsmpooed the rug, polished the floor etc? LoL. Cleaning is so therapeutic, once it's done that is, and it feels so good looking at the results afterwards. This is so me.

    Glad things are moving forward with Sir Steve's medical issues. Sending positive thoughts to you both.


  3. Umm....You know, since you are stressing, I would be an awful friend if I didn't offer you my house to help handle the stress. Feel free to come do the same here....PLEASE!

    I am glad Sir Steve is in good hands and frustrated by stupid people and masks. Sigh.

    Hopefully it will get better?


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