Monday, September 27, 2021

It's Monday - AGAIN


 "Bee Positive" is gonna be my motto for this week - welllllll at least I'm gonna try!

We had a reasonably quiet peaceful weekend....... 

Saturday we went back to the country to do the final winterizing - it's a bit hard to believe that Fall is here - the leaves are only just starting to turn... last year I stopped and took a picture of the road in........ the leaves were a pretty yellow - this year not so much............

After a couple of hours of storing garden furniture in the shed - vacuuming from top to bottom - and shutting the water off - and spreading moth balls in drawers, in cupboards, on window ledges, on the beds (in an effort to discourage the mice) ....... we locked the doors and headed back to the city. 

The rest of the weekend we just vegged - watched the TV shows we had 'taped' from last week and had a quiet time - recharging our batteries for the week ahead.

There was some stress though - I'm beginning to think there is always gonna be stress - le sigh.  On Saturday the lil one's school posted that they had a case of Covid........ GAH!!  and I hate - HATE - the protocols that are in place.  IF the lil one had been exposed we would be notified - otherwise we aren't told anything!!  I would like to know what grade level the exposure was in - was it a student? a teacher? Admin?? I mean come on!!!  we get no information at all!  how stressful is that??!!

Then the other bit of stress - Sir Steve's sister (who lives in BC) contacted him a couple of weeks ago and said she would be travelling to Quebec at some point and hinted that perhaps we could all get together.  Sir Steve said sure just tell us when you plan on being here................. she didn't respond.

Yesterday she contacted him and said she was in our corner of the world and thought maybe we could meet up sometime this coming week??!!! Then she said sometime this week actually meant before Wednesday.  Really??!!  Sir Steve works all week - Tuesday the lil one has swimming lessons and Wednesday is her competitive dance class.  When exactly are we supposed to fit in this vist??!!  IF she had let us know ahead of time - we could have arranged a visit on Sunday - maybe.  Anyway Sir Steve said it just wasn't possible.  So she said maybe next time........... I figure she's a little pissy about it.  BUT ya know - in my mind if you really want to see someone you plan ahead - you don't do it last minute.

My motto this week - remember - Bee Positive - I'm gonna try - I'm honestly gonna try!


  1. I've never understood people who 'drop in' like the only thing you were doing with your life was waiting on them.

    My daughter is a teacher and they won't even tell the teachers what grade level or class a positive covid case is in, unless it's YOUR class.
    Of course it is a school so there are no real secrets, thank goodness.

  2. Hi Morningstar, I love your motto for the week :)

    How frustrating on both fronts. It's a shame you aren't able to meet up with Sir Steve's sister. As for the school, that is a real concern, especially the way kids mingle etc, even if supposedly separated between groups. I would definitely want more info too!



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