Monday, September 20, 2021

Closing Weekend


I was looking forward to this weekend - our last weekend in the country.  The weather was forecasted to be sunny and warmish.  and after Friday's good news I was most definitely looking forward to the weekend.


The weather man was wrong........ oh the sun did peak out from behind the clouds occasionally -  but it was cold - sweatshirt wearing cold.  le sigh.  So the end of summer was cloudy and cool - pretty much the way the summer had gone.

We did have campfires in the evenings...... Friday night was warmish - Saturday not so much.  We did work hard to pack up all the 'stuff' we need... filling bin after bin .... and bringing home TONS of laundry and sorting.  The fridge got washed - the stove got cleaned - the bathroom cleaned for the last time - the kitchen scrubbed of all crumbs and sweet smells of food - cause the mice don't need much of an excuse to move in for the winter.  Next weekend we'll close off the water and winterize the trailer - and I will spread tons of moth balls around to try and discourage those pesky mice.  

Then we headed home with the cars laden down with bins.  I was dreaming of a warm house.  When we got in - the house felt cold - damp and cold.  I turned the furnace on.  An hour later the house didn't feel much better.  I checked the thermostat.  The temperature had not moved up one notch!  Sir Steve changed the batteries on the thermostat - then he went downstairs to check the furnace.  It wasn't working.  le sigh.
The furnace company was called - the repair guy will be here this morning before lunch.  AND then hopefully we will have heat again.

I decided it was time to decorate for Fall - nothing much just a little table center piece....... 


Our Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away - time to plan........ eldest daughter and SIL will be coming here this year..... lots to be thankful for this year !


  1. I love your center piece. I have two little owls just like yours, but they are Christmas decorations and hang on the tree.


  2. Here we are just down the road and had a GLORIOUS weekend - very cool in the morning (5 degrees Saturday morning) but up to 28 and sunny in the afternoon! Sunday was even more beautiful! So odd,weather patterns, literally half an hour west and you had awful weather and we had glorious days! Sorry it didn't reach you!

    1. I was thinking I was losing my mind - when I bitched about the weather - folks would tell me it was a great summer...... it sure wasn't here...
      One night Sir Steve came home and said "WTF it's cold here !!" apparently it had been HOT in the city........ it was a crap shoot this summer

    2. We have had a beautiful summer as well- though an hour from you. We are currently camping on Lake Ontario for 10 days and we have been in swimming. So sorry you seemed to have some sh*t weather hanging over your camp. We did have a cold July week here, but this week has made up for it!

      As for the weather guys, I think they've had their B Team on since Covid.

      Hopefully you'll experience a beautiful fall.

  3. Sorry the summer weather hasn't played ball, and then coming home to the furnace not working truly sucks. I hope it is fixed pronto!

    I love the center piece! My mum used to collect owls, she had a huge collection and I have kept a couple of pieces.


  4. I haven't moved even on a small scale in nearly forty years. I don't envy you. I hope the repair man and already come and it's working again. Meanwhile I'm sending warm thoughts.


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