Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Week of sighs......



I started the laundry on Monday morning - bright and early  - and I finished it late Tuesday.  I swear I did do laundry all summer -- but GAH!  all the  linens from the trailer had to be washed before storing ... and I had all our weekly laundry to do as well.  le sigh

Then Wednesday morning I went with Sir Steve to his doctor's appointment.  We have some follow up appointments that will be booked whenever the hospital can squeeze us in... and the specialist has recommended that the family doctor prescribe some new pills..  

The lil one has tried manipulating me again..... le sigh.  I need to adopt a whole new way of interacting with her.....  only for now I'm at a bit at a loss.... le sigh again.  This step parenting is getting old let me tell you.

AND our covid numbers are soaring here in our little town.  It's totally scary.   Two of our schools have an outbreak and one daycare.  Last night Sir Steve told me one of our senior's residences has an outbreak as well.  All that to say we have 63 active cases!  I just want to curl up in the house and never leave it......... (except my family leaves it every day - le sigh again!)

Today I am going to bake some chocolate chip cookies........ and will take a doggie bag to the trailer this weekend (we're going up to finish the winterizing for a day) my SIL will love me! 


  1. Sounds like you have had a week of it, and busy! Sorry to hear about the covid numbers. When will it ever end!

    Chocolate chip cookies definitely help :)


  2. Chocolate chip cookies are always a good idea :)


  3. I don't like laundry, you have my sympathy. Numbers are going up here too. I don't know what the schools are planning.

    But I do agree that the cookies would have to help.

  4. Baking will help soothe your frazzled nerves. So will munching on the cookies.

    Our covid numbers are up here too. My mother used to live in one of your seniors' residences, so I hope it's not in hers.


  5. Hey Morningstar,

    You know, I have this really neat blanket fort I built so I can hide from the world. I Might be willing to let in a friend or two....



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