Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I have been here with Sir Steve for a little over a year.  I still have not found a family doctor.  (insert huge sigh)

Due to the lack of doctors one can get prescriptions renewed at the local medical clinic and have the usual aches/pains/illnesses checked by the doctor on duty.   But I really want/need a family doctor.

Last spring I went with Sir Steve to an appointment with his family doctor -- hoping against hope that she would take me on as a patient.  Unfortunately she couldn't but did tell me to call in June as two new doctors would be joining the practice and I would be assigned to one of them.

I called in June.

I was told that there were 300 people ahead of me on the waiting list !!  WTF??!!

I did however get a call about a month ago to set up an appointment for today.... YIPPEE!!

Except it was for a "meet and greet".  What the hell is a 'meet and greet'?? Apparently I go in -- fill in a multitude of forms -- get my BP taken and height and weight done... and then meet with the doctor.  He then decides if he will take me on as a new patient.

I have never EVER heard of such a thing.  He gets to decide if he will take me -- over someone else?!  (see me stamp my foot a little bit?)  I keep thinking what if I turn the tables and ask him WHY he should be MY doctor rather than why I should be his patient?? 

(don't think that will earn me any brownie points -- or for that matter a doctor)

So I am off to shower and clean myself up from this crazy camp lady - to a mature conservative lady looking for a doctor......... I promised myself I won't be my usual sarcastic self......... at least until they (hopefully) agree to take me on.......

Wish me luck -- I would very much like to have a doctor all my own.............


  1. Good luck with the meet and greet, I hope it goes/went well and that you gel with the doctor. My Dad moved a few months ago and had to find a new doc. From what he said, it sounds like they did the same thing.


  2. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Good luck

  3. Wow. There really MUST be a shortage if they get to pick the patients they take on. I’m glad we dont have that problem here. Most doctors are trying to get any new patients they see to “stick” to their clinic and trying to retain existing patients. Good luck at the “interview”. Thats what it sounds like!

  4. I don't think it is really a thing where they decide whether to take you on or not - meet and greet is just that - they touch base, put a face to a name, check with you vis-a-vis your concerns. I had the same process here when I got my new doctor (who I hated LOL and have since left so yeah, now looking myself again!). HOpe it goes well.


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