Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Has It been that long???

Last year and this year I insisted on internet at the campsite!  If I was gonna be up here 24/7 for over 2 months I was not gonna do away with all things 'civilized' .

My plan was to continue writing a blog every day ......... except I forgot to add the lil one into the equation...... mornings when she is here I barely have time to wash my face or  brush my teeth.


BUT I do have every other week to myself -- so I would write my blog and catch up on everyone else's blog then.

Except........ I haven't.

I sat down on Monday to write and stared at the blank screen.  What had happened that was even a teeny tiny bit interesting?? 

Life is very vanilla........ even the sex is pretty vanilla.  Life is routine.  How boring is that??!!

I'm understanding (maybe too much so) - Sir Steve works long hours and commutes from the country to the city for work..... he gets home hot and tired....... 

Too show you how much time I have on my hands -- the weeks I don't have the lil one I am averaging a book every two days....... yes reading is now my best friend.

That is not to say we haven't done anything -- cause we have....... we went to Rib Fest on the Weekend ..... we have taken the dog to the dog park... we have had wine and campfires ...... we have enjoyed the sunshine and the heat.

OH one night Sir Steve did pull out the knives up here 
and we did/do have amazing earth shattering sex (just not enough of it)

I sound like I am bitching doesn't it??!!

Wait it gets better..... 
I had an adult weekend planned for this weekend -- it's Sir Steve's birthday.  We were gonna escape -- get a motel -- go to the Glengarry Highland Games -- eat sleep and f*ck.  Except he told his father about the games and his father said "we'll be there".

SO........ his parents arrive tomorrow -- and will be staying with us right through Monday.  Now I am trying to plan meals and more meals and even more meals -- get the house cleaned spotless and the trailer (cause they will be here on Friday for the day) and figure out what clothes (for 3 of us)  to take back to the city and what food stuffs need to be brought back to the city for the long weekend........ GAH!!

Then next week is my eldest daughter's wedding............. 

And before ya know it the summer will be over.............. 

an entry in my blog was long over due -- and maybe it should have been even more overdue -- cause it does sound a little "woe's me" ............


Roz said...

I enjoyed reading your update Morningstar, doesn't sound boring to me at all, and sometimes vanilla is good :)

Happy Birthday to Sir Steve! Sorry your planned weekend went astray and hope you enjoy the games and have a fab weekend.

Congrats to your daughter on her upcoming wedding. Hope all goes eff smoothly and that you all have a wonderful day.


Hermione said...

Oh, I love the Glengarry Highland Games. The last time I went was just weeks before Ron moved in with me. He detests bagpipes so I knew it would be my last chance to go. I bought a practice chanter while I was there, to see if I could learn to play the pipes.


Fondles said...

Yikes, sounds rough. But you know, if there's nothing except vanilla life to write about, we're still happy to read about it if you want to write. Have you seen my blog lately? Kitchen, father, hospital, kitchen, cooking, baking, gastric and waffle fries. Yeah. doesn't get more UNkinky than that! I hope you have some fun, even if not kinky fun, and enjoy the wedding as best you can!!!

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