Thursday, August 30, 2018

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I met the new doctor and survived the "meet and greet" and passed the criteria they have for new patients -- basically it boiled down to not arguing with their philosophy of medicine.

That philosophy boils down to they don't give antibiotics out like candy for every ache and pain... they don't prescribe medicine unless you really need it -- and they want to work with their patients to keep them off meds/get them off meds through healthy living.  For example -- he believes he can get me off my BP meds if I lose another 10 pounds and continue exercising.  RIGHT!!  I'm all for getting off my meds.

BUT the problem came when he wanted to take me off some meds I am on for anxiety.  The doc in Kingston tried and I balked... I am not addicted to them so shove off was my attitude.  When this doctor said I would have to come off -- I started to cry I couldn't imagine not having my pills.  He quietly pointed out that THAT reaction was the addiction.  He also pointed out that since I was prescribed this drug some 15 years ago they have discovered that as one grows older it causes memory loss, confusion and episodes of falling.  Ok then -- he might have a point.  He also said he was not going to just take them away from me -- it would take at least a year to get me off them and while we were working to stop them he would be introducing another drug to help with my anxiety.

Ya know what?
sounded like a brilliant idea -- I want to stay as healthy and as young as I can for as long as I can.... I have a wonderful man in my life who is considerably younger than I am and I would like to turn back the clock nearly every day..........  I even agreed to all the pre-screening tests I have been avoiding for the last 5 years or so......... 

This doc decided to take me on -- 
I decided to take him on -- based mostly on the fact he got my sense of humour !


Yesterday I took a bunch of stuff back to the city to store for the winter -- and did loads and loads of laundry.  I packed up warmer clothes for myself and the lil one (who will be with us for one more weekend) and DAMN I am glad I did.

Yesterday it was sweltering hot -- 40 something Celsius with the humidex -- and today - in comparison -  it feels it might snow!!!

It's a long weekend coming up - lots of celebrations around the campsite and we would love to get to Upper Canada Village (historical site for those who don't know) for the horse show on Sunday.

Monday we'll be heading back to town to get the lil one ready to start school on Tuesday........... 

Back to routine.......... and as much as I have loved my lazy summer it will be good to get back to routines and exercise and sensible eating (especially if I am gonna lose another 10 pounds or so)


  1. OH great news on the new Doc! Congratulations, I guess?? LOL. Sounds like they've got a good approach to medicine!

  2. That is wonderful news on the new doc, so glad it worked out well. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all the celebrations.


  3. Congrats on a new Doc that seems to have your best interests in mind ... it will also ease your mind knowing you don't have to do the drop in clinic thing every time you're sick. Yes ... its hard saying good bye to a camping summer. Once upon a time we had a permanent campground spot ... close up at the end of season was always bittersweet ... hugs! ... nj

  4. Sounds like you've found a good doctor.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  5. sounds like an excellent doctor. My second daughter who suffers from anxiety and depression went through something similar - it took around 6-8 months as she was weaned off her older drugs and then two months to clear everything out of her system then on (gradual) to her new ones. It was tough, but WELL worth it -so much LESS side effects, less issues, overall well worth the struggle. Buy that AMAZING Upper Canada homemade bread - and worry about the 10 lbs after the trip!


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