Monday, August 13, 2018

Long Long LONG two weeks

Two weekends ago we had the little one AND Sir Steve's parents -- from Thursday till Sunday (it was supposed to be Monday -- but they didn't like the heat)
They don't particularly like the trailer (even though they could have stayed at a very nice motel 5 minutes away) so I dragged clothes and food back to the city.  I was told they would arrive between 1 and 3..... I was in the city at the crack of dawn to clean the house - make up the guest room -- and prepare an elaborate dinner.

Sir Steve showed up from work before they arrived -- sometime around 5:30

I won't give you a play by play -- but honestly I was left feeling nothing I (we) did was good enough......... the food ... the entertainment ... even the highland games.  I was not disappointed when they left a day early.

Then I had 4 days to get ready for my daughter's wedding........ with the little one 'helping me'.
The wedding was Saturday -- and considering everything that could have gone wrong -- it went off without a hitch.  The sun shone -- the family showed up -- the caterers showed up -- the officiant showed up.  I was proud of how I dressed up the campsite with decorations turning it from a humble campground into a rustic wedding venue.  

The only drama per say during the wedding was when of my daughter's dogs (all dogs were being dog sat on our site) got stung by a wasp and we discovered we had a HUGE wasps nest under our deck.

Sunday was supposed to be our (Sir Steve and mine) trip to Quebec to pick up supplies -- but the newlyweds stopped over after breakfast and we didn't get away till around 1sh -- we got stuck in traffic coming and going -- and still had to pick up wasp killer .......
Last night before we could fall into bed Sir Steve had to spray the wasp's nest........ which didn't go exactly as planned.......... (le sigh) and it was after 10 before we fell into bed.

This morning before the sun was up Sir Steve's alarm went off -- he didn't wake up.  I did though.  So I got him up and eventually joined him out on the deck with a coffee in hand in the dark before the dawn.............. 

Today I have to head back into the city -- truthfully we have run out of clean clothes and are almost out of food.

My grandmother's words keep rattling around in my head "No rest for the wicked"

Know what I need???? 

I need a holiday ....... a long solitary holiday .......... and peace and quiet...... with no one expecting anything of me.

I am exhausted.


  1. Hi Morningstar, wow, you have had a full on time! I'm sorry the visit from Sir Steve's parents didn't quite go as planned. Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband. Glad all went well and smoothly on the day, apart from the wasps. Ugh.

    I hope you get a bit of down time to relax a bit now.


  2. Gosh i’m exhausted just reading this. I feel i would need a holiday too. Having family over can be stressful and i can relate to not being good enough! Mind you, theough no fault of my own. So let that be on them, not you. You did amazingly! Congrats to you and he newlyweds! And ew the wasps. Poor doggy!


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