Sunday, February 06, 2011

Still Struggling

I keep hoping each morning that I wake up that things will have improved - and basically it isn't improving at all.  OH I do have days when I am brighter more focused and I can get a few small things done around the house.  BUT most days I move from my bed to the sofa and nap my day away - waking up long enough to take more pain killers and then back to sleep.  

Warren god bless him has been driving over regularly to bring me what food stuffs I think I can eat (usually it doesn't taste as good as I thought it would) or shoveling out my front steps, or just check up on me.  My contact with the outside the world.

I haven't seen my girls - for all sorts of good reasons.  But yesterday the girls showed up with the grandbabies who sat still long enough to pose for one picture for "sicky granny"

 see no evil........... hear no evil..... speak no evil............ 

Eldest daughter brought me some home made soup that hopefully will slide down nicely today........ 

And so it goes........


  1. What's the doc have to say?

  2. The recovery sounds like it is going slowly but all that rest must be doing you some good. Sending my best thoughts.


  3. Cute grandkids... That can't hurt ;-)

    Hugs, swan

  4. Love the pic...cheered my day. Hang in there...soon you should wake up and think...I feel better!

  5. They are adorable! That picture definitely put a smile on my face. I'm sure they brought some cheer during their visit.

    I hope you feel better soon. Is there anything I can do or bring to help?

    It's been just over two weeks since surgery, right? I think you should take it easy on yourself. Just let your body do what it has to do.

    When is your follow-up appointment scheduled with the doctor? If you feel like this isn't a normal recovery, then maybe it's time to call the doctor's office (or at the very least call Info-Santé). Maybe just talking to them will help put your mind at ease a bit.


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