Monday, February 28, 2011


Eleven years ago - give or take - I adopted a wee tiny kitten from the vet's office.  We named him squirt cause he was so small.  He soon came to be "king of the castle" ruling the roost around here - bossing Miss Ashes around and trying to boss me around.  He never much liked other males coming in the house - except for Sir whom he adopted the minute Sir walked in the house for the first time.  

Squirt had more than a little bit of the devil in him - eating houseplants - stealing food where ever he could find it - my own form of guard dog - watching carefully for intruders on our lil piece of land - hissing and howling if anyone or thing set one toe on what squirt considered his property

For the nine days I was in hospital he apparently spent most of the time lying on my bed not being the least bit social when anyone came in to check on him.  When I came home on Thursday it took a couple of hours for him to come and find me - I think he was punishing me for being absent for so long.  Then he came and curled up under the coffee table beside the sofa.  

Friday he started to walk funny and then he started vomiting everywhere and crying.  My heart broke - truthfully I wondered what more was going to be plunked on my plate.

I called the vet's office who suggested I wait till Saturday morning and see if he improved.  He didn't improve - in fact he got worse. His belly almost dragged on the ground when he walked and he was almost dragging his hind quarters.  And the crying was pathetic.... it broke my heart.  Sir was at the ready and showed up to take us both the vet's office.  

The vet examined him and explained that they thought his bladder was blocked.  They explained what they were going to have to do (plus how much it was gonna cost - sigh) and that ultimately squirt's heart might not handle the procedures.  

The hardest thing I have done in a long time was snuggling squirt and saying good bye leaving him in their very capable good hands  - with the warning no surgery - no heroics. 

I cried as Sir took me out to the car.

Late Saturday afternoon the vet's office called to say they had done the first draining and it had gone well.  Sunday morning they called me back to say they had had to drain him again two more times and had finally had to put a catheter in and they would try removing it late Sunday.   But he was drinking and had even eaten a little food out of the nurse's hand.  They were hopeful he could come home today.

BUT today they called me and things aren't looking very good.  His kidneys aren't functioning .... he isn't eating... and it is still touch and go.  They are going to try some more tests and will call me back.  

This is such a sad time


  1. :-(

    I'm so sorry.

  2. sorry..abby

  3. I'm so sorry. It truly is heartbreaking when a fur-baby is ill. :(

  4. God bless you and Squirt both.

    Hugs to you.

    I hoping and praying for the best outcome.


  5. Anonymous2:03 pm



  6. Hope Squirt makes it. It is hard enough having a very sick cat but as you are so ill as well, it must be a nightmare. I wish the best to both of you and hope that all the meds and procedures work, for human and furry friend.


  7. Awwwwe.... I am so sorry.

    Hugs, swan

  8. When I had my bout with diverticulitus and MRSA, Tom was feeding both of the cats between work and hospital. He thought both cats were eating, because there was a reduction in the food bowl. BUT Pranzer was not eating. Didn't eat most of the 3 weeks I was in hospital. He developed "fatty liver disease". People, when they do not eat process their fat as fuel. Cats, when they don't eat, apparently, are unable to process fat thru their liver as fuel and develop "fatty liver disease". He refused water, he refused food, he puked all the time and was very lethargic. I was barely able to hold my head up and here I was thinking my cat was dying. The vet wanted to send him to Ohio State University for extensive tests. I declined, because as much as I love Pranzer, he is still a pet and I cannot justify spending over $1000 to test a pet. The vet sent me home with some pills and his best wishes. I bundled Pranzer in a towel and forced pills down his throat. I tried ever sort of canned smelly fish, shrimp, sardine I could find. I tried milk, cat milk, cream, ice cream. Nothing worked. But one afternoon after crying and pleading and begging the fur-ball to just eat something, I was boiling chicken to make some chicken salad and he came dragging into the kitchen and laid by my feet watching me. I cooled the chicken and thought I would give it a try. I sat on the floor in the kitchen, with Pranzer in my arms and tried shreds of chicken. With tears rolling down my face, he ate the chicken. You have met Pranzer, he is NOT ill or shy. It was alot of work, but it is very worth every minute. I am holding Pranzer now and we are hoping for the very best for you and your Squirt.


  9. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Oh T! that was beautifully inspiring!


  10. I am so very sorry morningstar.
    Sending all kinds of positive and warm thoughts.

  11. *hugs*

    I'm so sorry. We had kitty problems last year. I hope Squirt gets well and come home soon


  12. I am sorry to hear about squirt, its always hard when someone you love is sick


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