Friday, February 25, 2011

thoughts in the dark of the night.........

I believe it was HisFlower who suggested I bring paper and pencil to the hospital to write down thoughts/themes for upcoming blogs (and to help pass time)

Unfortunately - it is really hard to describe in words - how out of things I was when I went into hospital.  When I say I had no strength - I mean I couldn't even walk or hold my head up - or process anything that was said to me.  Sir was amazing bringing me little things to try and stimulate interest (so were my daughters who brought in my dvd player and downloaded seasons of my favourite TV shows to watch)  But I could not focus on anything for more than 2 minutes before gliding off into some dream-like state where nothing much made any sense.  One night I did try to make notes in my agenda - but when I try to read them today - they are gibberish - nonsense - words strung together that make no sense at all.

  Until one dark and particularly scary 3:00 a.m when I lay in bed remembering a book I bought one of my daughters (my eldest I think) "Are you there God? It's Me, Margaret."  I have no clue why that book popped into my head - or why I found it so comforting.  I don't think I even ever read it with my daughter.  

But nevertheless - there it was rattling around in my addled brain at 3:00 a.m.  I heard myself railing at God - why me!!??  Why now??!!  And then a whole mess of stuff I had learned in Sunday School that just tended to make me angry at 3:00 a.m.  All that stuff was lies - just like I always knew they were lies.  God was not a benevolent father - God didn't create miracles - God wasn't there for someone like me. 

I was on my own in this big black scary place.  

And then slowly those 3:00 am scary time periods became a time for me to say "hey you - God - why aren't you listening to me?  Was everything I was told a big lie?!!  This is the time - yes it is - to prove the faith my family raised me in - was is more than just religious diatribe to frighten the masses.  You have big hands - reach one of those big hands down and take away this massive pain that is growing in my belly - take away the fear that is building like a volcano - give me some sort of peace and calmness.  Make me instantly better.  Do something!!!   Anything!!!  to ease the fear and the pain.

And slowly each time I would be having one of my "ok god - it's me" talks the calmness would eventually creep into my soul and a calmness would come from the dark corners of the room and I would drift back to sleep - blissfully pain free for a little bit - pain free long enough to drop back into a fitful sleep.

Lots of what happened in the dark of the night - and in the dark of my mind - is surreal now.  Vague puffs of thought - that float around inside my head.  Perhaps nothing more than the rantings of a slightly insane (at the moment) mind trying to sort out what had happened - what was happening.  

And so here it is 3:00 am again - no pain tearing my guts apart - no scary darkness of a hospital room, but I do have the vague whispers of memory of those nights - and a burning need to put them down somewhere.


  1. Always good to keep them somewhere, where you can get them out when things are better and realise how good you feel. Looks like you are on that long slow road to a recovery.
    The light of dawn always makes things better.

  2. Anonymous12:11 pm

    No matter what the thoughts - sharing them with paper, a god, or strangers and friends on the internet will help you make sense of them and hopefully bring you some type of peace.
    Wishes for you for a speedy recovery and for a speedy time to heal in all ways.


  3. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Those dark nights are beautiful in their own way. They give you the contrast you need to measure the light in your life against. With out the one, the other isn't nearly as vibrant.

    This was a lovely and fascinating post. Thank you, and I am glad you are feeling better.

  4. I'm glad you are home again and getting some real rest.
    Hospitals do nothing to make it restful!
    I know about those 3AM nights .. and it is good to write a few notes.. but somehow I think you'll remember enough to get things onto paper.
    Stay well and eat lots of yummy high calorie delights!

  5. Ordalie1:00 am

    I agree with KellyRed, it's a very moving post, so true to life for those who have suffered sleepless hospital nights.


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