Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I had a dream last night - which in and of itself might not be all that surprising.  BUT I haven't had any dreams in the last 2 weeks.  

As with most dreams it didn't make a whole lot of sense - but it started with me standing on some jungle ledge in a HUGE floppy straw hat watching my 3 grandsons scamper down the ledge with some natives.  Then this huge outcry for me to come and see.  Which - cause it was a dream and I didn't have any fear of heights in the dream - or lack of energy - or bad knees - was easy peasy to do.  

The kids had discovered 4 red rubies -  3 small ones and one rather large one.  One of the natives produced blue velvet bags with strings and put each of the boy's rubies in the bags and hung them around their necks.  The bigger ruby was put in the last bag and handed to me.  

The next scene in the dream we were all back at some sort of "resort"??? It was a house on stilts on the beach.  I was dressed in this gauzy flimsy dress thing - with the same big floppy straw hat - sitting on a low slung chair in the shallows of the sparkling water - supervising the kids splashing and playing around.

At this point I woke up - of course !!  But I woke up feeling calm and peaceful and as though all was right with the world.    Just maybe this is another step forward on my path to full recovery?? who knows?? All I know is that for this morning the world looks a whole lot more amazing!

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  1. I am always torn about those dreams. It feels good to wake up so peaceful but at the same time I want to keep sleeping and continue to dream... just another 5 minutes! lol


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